1987 Toyota Corolla FX-16 1.6L 4-valve from North America


Reliable, good value, fun to drive


Rust, mostly under exterior plastic trim, and on lower corners of side panels. (Plastic trim was a mistake)

Front quarter panels filling with debris (e.g. leaves) falling in from openings at the base of windshield - it is hard to remove this debris.

Air heater control lever got stuck and broke.

Most major parts replaced were the clutch master cylinder at 150,000 and a rusty oil pan.

Just normal old car stuff.

General Comments:

Was a very zippy highway car at 130,000 miles, but lost most of its zip soon after.

Still a tight runner. Doesn't use much oil. Has enough speed and power to comfortably compete with urban traffic. 30-40 mpg, depending on usage.

A lot of room in a small car - I'll never understand why hatchbacks went out of fashion.

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Review Date: 28th June, 2003

17th Dec 2007, 15:45

I have a FX16 myself and I love this car... i just wish they made more of the FX16's because as I've seen, they are very hard to come by..

16th Oct 2008, 11:51

I have an '87 FX-16 GTS that I bought with 118,000 miles. The engine was knocking and the oil pressure light stayed on most of the time. I bought a JDM replacement motor and had it put in and I love this little car! I also own 2 Civic Si hatchbacks ('89 and '90) and a '91 CRX Si. The FX-16 doesn't seem as quick, but is more comfortable on long trips. I just like little cars that go surprisingly fast!!

1987 Toyota Corolla LX 1.3L from Norway


Almost spooky


Fan belt snapped at about 200.000km, but that was expected.

Radiator sprung a leak at about 210.000km, due to a little rust and helped along by pebbles.

It has been running on three cylinders for the last six months, nobody seems to know what it is, but the car keeps on going even so.

Plugs need frequent changing in the last three years.

Problem with overheating in the last three months. Something`s probably clogged.

General Comments:

A great car, I hate it, but that`s because I`m more of a Chevrolet guy.

Everything works, even the radio installed by manufacturer in -87,

Starts and runs even with it`s ignition in the wrong order.

Heater, fans and wiring problem free, I have never even changed a fuse.

It has become a little loose in the steering, but all acceptable, no bearings, gaskets or rods changed at all.

A fantastic quality car, I have to say. So it`s with a heavy heart I send it to the car graveyard, due to rust because of my negligence and salted roads.

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Review Date: 14th June, 2003

1987 Toyota Corolla 1.6GL Liftback 1.6 DOHC from Singapore


Reliable, good looking and a financial windfall


Engine idle speed set too low on delivery, causing engine to stall when steering was on full lock. Quickly rectified while I waited.

General Comments:

Coming after a nice to drive, but rather jinxed used 1985 E36 BMW 320i, the Corolla was sporty looking in its dark green metallic finish set off by polished Fondmetal 14" alloys.

Grey tweed interior was the pinnacle of luxury for the class in its day and was supplemented by a top notch Blaupunkt stereo with snake head equaliser.

The car was reliable in the extreme and I managed to chalk up 21,000 km within the seven months of ownership, with no trouble, apart from the engine idle speed listed, above.

What's more, as the car was hot and in short supply, I sold it for what I bought it for, less the cost of the alloys and stereo. This came about owing to the provision of a company car in my next job.

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Review Date: 7th March, 2003

7th Mar 2003, 12:14

You simply cannot go far wrong with an Old Japanese Beater car as a day to day workhorse hack. I myself am busy running a 1984 Nissan Sentra into the ground, can still see it being alive in 5 years time.