1987 Toyota Corolla LE 1.6L from North America


Might be a good car after the problems are fixed


Alternator went out. New one did not cost that much --$78.

I purchased new spark plugs and wires-$22.

Clicking sound can be heard when cutting the wheel.

Sometimes it is hard to start and frequently"floods out."I suspect carburetor problems.

General Comments:

I bought this beautiful car just two weeks ago for only $300!I mean, the body and trim are almost like new. No rust, dents, tears in the seats, cracks in dash, ect.After cleaning it up it shines up like a new penny!

I read the reviews here about these cars and it influenced me to buy it. I could not resist it for the price, but I did anticipate some problems.

However it burns no oil or tranny fluid;that's the main thing. The engine is clean. But it often floods out. I can go a few miles, shut it off and it will turn over, but not start. The odor of gas is strong. I think it is flooding out somehow -- but after 10 minutes it will start. This is the only problem with it right now. Wish I could fix it!

This is a real nice car and would be a pleasure to drive if I can get the problem fixed.

My local parts store told me these cars can last up to 250,000 miles and sometimes more!

I am not going to give up on it -I plan to get a good mechanic to fix it.

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Review Date: 27th February, 2005

28th Feb 2005, 08:45

This morning it started fine. It is unpredictable as to when it will "flood out."

I know it is high mileage -- 187,200 to be exact, but I feel it was worth the price. Someone I know has one just like it and it has 260,000 miles and is still going strong. Also my mail carrier has one like it and he has delivered the mail in it the past 5 years.

I have not installed the spark plugs yet, but I hope it will improve it. The car is 18 years old yet the body and interior is almost like new. Maybe that is a clue that it was taken care of.

Before I bought this car I considered purchasing an Oldsmobile Achieva. But after reading the reviews of other reviewers here I changed my mind.

It is a 1987 Toyota Corolla, 4 door two-tone silver and gray,4 cyl.,1.6L.

1987 Toyota Corolla GTS from North America


This is the best little car I ever had


Had to replace the clutch at 30,000 miles - it had not been installed correctly according to the mechanic. No other major replacements until after 100,000 miles. Since then struts, air conditioning (all parts) alternator, brakes, distributor, fuel pump, drivers electric window controller have all been repaired or replaced as needed.

The material on the drivers seat is worn.

There are a few rust spots.

General Comments:

This car has served me well.

It has been reliable and fuel effecient.

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Review Date: 16th January, 2005

17th Jan 2005, 12:33

I don't think that this is a 2005 model, if it has 214000km on it.

20th Jan 2005, 06:15

This cannot be a 2005 mode, will someone post a review of an 05 model please.

20th Jan 2005, 06:55

The guy just made a mistake in the heading, appears it is actually a 1987 model.

I don't think there is even a "GTS" version of the 2005 Corolla.

Stay tuned for my review of my 2006 ECHO though!

1987 Toyota Corolla FX 1.6 from North America


The most dependable car I have ever owned


Very little. Other than having the valves ground at 93,000 when I bought the car second hand, all I have done basically is tune it up, and get the oil changed at regular intervals. That's it! Oh, I did put a new muffler on her a few years back, but that's it!

General Comments:

A friend urged me to get a Toyota back in '93 because of the high quality and dependability of Toyota.

I saw this car on a lot in 1993, test drove it, and knew it was for me. Absolutely the most reliable, dependable car I have ever owned. Since '93 I have only put about 53,000 miles on her in 11 years, and runs as strong as when I first bought her.

The only disappointment I can think of is the gas mileage isn't all that great. Its not bad, really, but not great in city driving.

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Review Date: 29th November, 2004