1987 Toyota Corolla LE 1.6 4AC carb from North America


Best import ever. Completely bulletproof


New front CV axles at about 185000.

Interior is dirty, but that's not the car's fault.

Exhaust had to be fully replaced, cost $200.

Needs new struts, but live in a bad area; lots of speed bumps.

Had to replace the alternator, but it was only $60 and took twenty minutes. That made the charge light and parking brake light go away; it used to stay on.

Only complaint is the drivers window won't roll up all the way; it clicks like it is stripped when about 1 inch from the top.

General Comments:

Toyota did something right with this bulletproof car.

Just replaced the tires, air filter and spark plugs. Now it is getting 35mpg - sweet.

Less stuff can go wrong since it is so simple, because it is not fuel injected, has rack and pinion steering, is a 5 speed so the clutch is cheaper to replace than the transmission. Everything is easy to work on since it is right there in front like the oil filter, starter and the alternator.

Is quite snappy for being a 1.6.

I deliver pizza in this thing, and I use it hard. Have expected it to break since I bought it for $400, but no major repairs have been needed.

I like this car so much I just bought an 85 Corolla for $250, and it has 215000 miles and it runs like a dream.

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Review Date: 10th May, 2009

1st Dec 2010, 15:22

Now have 210,000 miles on the car, new struts and tires, this thing still starts right up and putts along. Never gonna get rid of it. The only thing bad about it is the window still, but it isn't that bad. I wonder what the lady I bought it from thinks when she sees me driving it. It now has racing strips and a set of snow tires!!

1987 Toyota Corolla Hatchback 1.3 petrol from Iceland


An incredibly reliable car


This car never failed to start and run in the twenty years my family had it.

As maintenance the exhaust system, battery, brakes, water tank, suspension and other things were replaced. This was all easy to do at home, the car has never been to a garage. Since corollas are a popular cars, cheap spare parts are easy to find.

General Comments:

Being a 1988 model, and lacking power steering, power brakes etc it's handling can't be compared with modern car.

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Review Date: 12th August, 2007

1987 Toyota Corolla FXGT 1.6 from Australia and New Zealand


It's my baby, and that won't change


The whole loom shorted on me.

Lost my main lights.

Clutch went.

General Comments:

It's a little power house on steroids, especially for the age of the car. It still goes well and handles well. Though it has a newer engine and a pod filter and bigger exhaust.

I can happily get it off the clock in fourth gear, sit at speed and not worry too much. Apart from a few issues I have had with it, I wouldn't complain, but that's more from the last owner.

Nothing I can think of that I disagree with, it's perfect; small and compact, and doesn't make a good taxi; just what I wanted. This car is a legend in its own right.

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Review Date: 27th June, 2007

1987 Toyota Corolla FX16 1.6L 16v DOHC from North America


The original pocket rocket, and still the best!


Nothing that wouldn't be expected from a 17-year-old car that had been sitting for a long while and I bought for $200.

I replaced the brake pads, the radiator, the water pump, the belts/hoses, and the front wheel bearings.

Since then...it's been dead-stone reliable--of course.

Except for the rust. oh, the rust. if you can find one w/out a lot of rust, BUY IT.

General Comments:

What a cool car! I get a smile every time I turn the key.

It's not the fastest thing out there, but it's quick enough to surprise some people, and that engine is a jewel. even at 20 years old, it revs to almost 8000 RPM, and is still turbine-smooth doing it. a joy to use.

At 2100 lbs, the car handles like a little go-kart, but still fits my 2 very large dogs in the hatch area.

I drive it every day, even though it's 20 years old. it's a BLAST to drive, and TOUGH AS NAILS...I'm pretty sure the body would rust away before the car would stop running.

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Review Date: 1st December, 2006

3rd Dec 2006, 05:27

That's a japanese ripoff of the AMC Gremlin. Put AMC badges on it and some people won't even be able to tell the difference.

25th Feb 2010, 21:44

I have an 87 Toyota Corolla FX-16 and it's a little speed demon. People swear it had to be a stick shift, but it's automatic. It may not look roomy, but it really is, and the seats are still comfortable.

And it doesn't have much rust on it all; just a few dots on the hood and ceiling. Gas mileage is awesome, I get 34/36, and if I add gas helper, it goes to 38/40, and that's totally all right with me!

23rd Jul 2010, 23:11

I bought one of these new and still have it. I love it and can't even entertain the idea of replacing it. It is a joy to drive, has plenty of zip, plenty, and gets decent gas mileage. It probably would get better mileage if it wasn't so fun to drive.

Only problem with it, and which makes this model popular on the drifting circuits, is that with the weight and horsepower ratio, it has absolutely no start up traction in rainy weather. Luckily, I live in LA.

I recently did some work for a publisher, and he was so appreciative he offered a gift in addition to my usual charge. He asked what did I really want most. I answered, I want my car painted (it has faded badly and rust is starting to appear). He replied, you got it. Yeah! I'm thinking DuPont's Hot Rod Black!