1987 Toyota Corolla from North America


Pretty much an OK car


The car stutters and stalls. This usually only happens in the afternoons.

Luckily I have only had to stop on the side of the interstate once because the car was about to stall.

This is my first car to own (I am sixteen) and I am constantly wary on whether or not I will have trouble going home from school or church. I am afraid that it will shut off in the night when I'm out on the road and no one will know where I am.

General Comments:

On the most part the car is very comfortable and safe. After owning my license only for about four months, I accidentally drove the car into a ditch (the stuttering and stalling and started to occur long before, even the first night of when I had my license). I only suffered a minor injury, a pulling of the muscles in my left wrist, which has yet to heal completely even a month later.

Even after the "crash" into the ditch all that was damaged was the front bumper and the engine (it got thrown onto it's side). It was safe to drive home as well.

All in all the Toyota Corolla is a good car. I just wish that I had gotten a newer version to learn how to drive on.

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Review Date: 28th March, 2004

1987 Toyota Corolla Liftback 1.6 from North America


Why Why Why Did I ever sell this car?


Replaced struts twice in 3 years. Mind you, I drove this car hard and always had lots of weight in it. Absolutely nothing else went wrong.

General Comments:

I purchased this vehicle from a grad student whose parents were buying him a new Corolla upon receiving his degree, I paid $1500, certainly the best money I have ever spent on a vehicle. Never had a problem besides replacing struts.

Car got beyond excellent gas mileage, was great on the highway. After driving this car (mercilessly) for 3 years, I finally sold it to a neighbor (for $1600) who was continuously begging me to do so. He drove it for 3 more years and finally junked it at 300,000 km. He got 3 years of good service out of that car. I,on the other hand, bought a 1990 Toyota Tercel (I just assumed all TOyotas were good),the Tercel was about as good as a poke in the eye with a sharp stick! I have since moved, and one of my new neighbors has a '87 Corolla just like my old one, it's a bit rusty, has nearly 400,000 km and he swears he will die behind it's wheel!

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Review Date: 10th March, 2004

16th Feb 2005, 13:19

Man, I agree 100% with your sentiment - I had a 1991 Corolla SR5 sport coupe that I bought with 121,000 Kilometers on it, and I drove it for three years until it 218,000 kilometers on it. I thought it was nearly worn out, and didn't have much life left in it, so I sold it to a friend of mine for only $1,000 'cause it needed repairs. He's still driving it today, has hardly put any money into it, and it now has 322,000 k's on it and is still going strong - I still kick myself for 'giving up' on it!

31st May 2006, 09:04

Absolutely agree with all of this, I am belgian and I bought a 87 Corolla Hatchback 5 doors some 13 years ago. She was already 7 years old, supposedly 99000 km on the counter, but I suspected 40 or 50000 more. Now she has officially 181000 or 231000? And still going strong and fast, cause I always drove her like a rally car and it's only a 1300? I must say that I always treated her (service) like a new car.



26th Jul 2007, 17:18

My husband by a 1987 toyota and people look like he and the car came from another planet. it run like new.

17th Nov 2007, 16:10

I have bought my 2nd Toyota in 3 years after my first was stolen. The car is the best thing since sliced bread! I have never ever had any problems with it and it has 197,000 odd miles on it.

The car has proven to be so successful that my neighbour has bought one, he bought one for his brother in law and his sister! We are all now part of the Corolla gang!

15th May 2008, 22:33

My next car will more than likely be a Corolla... my first Toyota was an 84 Toyota Tercel Wagon... and OMG was it reliable... Not ONCE did it let me down in over 2 years of driving it, from city cruising to many over an hour at a time trips to the big city :D... engineering at its best!