1991 Audi 90 2.3 20v 2.3


Audi performance at an incredible price


As soon as I got the car the fuel pump needed replacing.

Both front wings were showing signs of corrosion.

General Comments:

This car is fast.

I bought it for £500 and spent £200 on the engine.

Today I have just beaten a BMW M3 at a trader price of 38 grand, with a 5.5 sec 0-60 spec and feel good.

If you want a car to work on that will beat other expensive cars, this is the one.

Thanks Simon for showing me this car.

Even when I got it as a standard 20v, it was fast.

You need a good parts stockist or you have to use a very expensive dealership.

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Review Date: 29th April, 2004

21st May 2005, 13:32

I've now sold this car.

You need an account at your local petrol station.

7th Feb 2008, 15:24

That motor would never beat an m3.i have a heavly modified 20 valve and although it beats an m3 on top speed first and second gears are slow, I'm lucky to get low 5s on 0 to 60. and mine is a stripped out single seater. would like to know what you did to it. ta, the hat.

1991 Audi 90 20v 2.3 20v


Powerful. With the right parts.


Replaced HT leads at 100,000.

Needed at new fuel filter.

Distributor became loose at 105,000.

General Comments:

I've owned this car for nearly 20,000 miles.

The performance was mid ranged until I fitted a Power flow exhaust.

The car handles superbly.

Braking is top notch.

Steering is precise and responsive.

It feels as though the engine will run forever.

No corrosion due to galvanized steel bodywork.

My only criticism would be the lack of dealerships willing to help an over 100,000 mile car.

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Review Date: 23rd April, 2004

1990 Audi 90 20V quattro 2.3 20V


A secondhand mid-performance bargain


This car has only let me down once:

Plastic gear on distributor broke (this is a known design flaw - replacement has metal gear)

The following replacements I consider fair wear and tear for a 10-12 yr old car:

1 wheel bearing.

1 thermostat.

Front brake hoses.

1 rear brake caliper.

1 main radiator.

Rear discs and pads.

1 CV boot.

General Comments:

An excellent car which I will only replace when it drops dead and then only with another Audi.

A great secondhand buy as it is undervalued by the market (in the UK at least - for the money it should get 10/10 for nearly every thing)

My only criticisms would be:

The size of the boot - very small for a car of this size and.

Fuel consumption - a little high for a car of this performance.

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Review Date: 6th June, 2002

8th Jan 2003, 19:50

The Valves Broke?

28th May 2003, 10:44

I love my 20V! It hasn't let me down ever and certainly handles Ontario winters with ease.

I'm in my 8th. year with the vehicle and have driven it about 170,000 kilometers. While it does like to consume fuel at a rate disproportionate to its performance, I have no real complaints other than it seems to want to shed its side moldings with some regularity. (bid deal eh!)

In respect of maintenance, nothing untoward has occurred except for a dealer botched timing belt change...

I'll give the car up when they pry the keys from my cold, dead fingers.

Regards all...Peter.

6th Jun 2003, 16:42

I am about to trade for a 94 90 s audi. The engine has been replaced with a used engine. I have to keep adding antifreeze, but have no puddles underneath? The windshield washer container is in the left fender, how is that removed? and lastly what is the best repair manual for this model Audi? Appreciate any responses!

29th Nov 2003, 05:44

Mine was loosing coolant like no tomorrow with no sign of a leak. Found out in the end it was loosing as steam from the hose connections for the heater matrix on the bulkhead. Look for signs of spray and gunk. You can smell the stuff too.

8th Mar 2004, 16:33

I have owned my 1990 20V for 4yrs now and It's great. It has just notched up 170000 miles without showing any signs of stopping here. It uses a bit of oil, and the electric windows work 95% of the time. Most importantly it still gets to 60mph quicker than my neighbours VW Golf 16V and continues up to 147mph (well once anyway).

Buy one and it will be a love affair for life.


17th Apr 2004, 17:58

My next car is going to be an Audi90 20v - its my Boss' old Car he has no use for it as he has a new Audi now. Having seen the performance of this car - I'm very impressed and the reliability - well that's solid German Engineering at its best. Good review though, this car is awesome - I just can't wait to get it now.

18th Sep 2007, 17:25

My audi 90 20 valve had a few things go bad I've had fuel injenction problems also my clutch has had to be replaced, but I love my car it runs great.

1989 Audi 90 2.0


Stylish, reliable but expensive to run


Thermostat stuck causing the head gasket to blow, very expensive.

Back callipers seized and the regulator on the brakes also seized - common fault apparently and very expensive, cost approximately £450.

Check the handbrake thoroughly before purchasing as they can be bodged.

General Comments:

Good reliable car, but a little heavy on the petrol. Engine has a wonderful trustworthy sound to it.

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Review Date: 17th November, 2000

1991 Audi 90 E 2.3


Reliable/sound, well built German vehicle


Back calipers are a part of this vehicle that require regular renewing.

Hand brake cables break around about once a year.

FIRE:- The cable "loom" from the fuse box, passes through a small cable route (automatic gearbox clutch housing) and through time, and the clutch engaging - disengaging, has caused the cables to short-out and resulted in a serious fire within the engine compartment.

General Comments:

This car has been very reliable over the last 4 years, regular Audi servicing is highly recommended if you want the reliablity that Audi is famous for.

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Review Date: 26th July, 2000