Berlingo LX 2.0 HDI turbo diesel

Been a good car until now

67 words, 3 comments

Berlingo Forte 2.0 HDI turbo diesel

Cheap to buy, quality lacking

171 words, 3 comments

Berlingo Multispace Desire 2.0 HDI

Value for money roomy and fun

39 words, 3 comments

Berlingo forte 2.0HDI

Tyre roar still too much

86 words

Berlingo Multispace Forte HDi 2.0 diesel

Fantastic value, but beware of build quality

460 words, 7 comments

Berlingo Forte 2.0HDI

I am really surprised that the Berlingo forte 2.0HDI is so highly thought of

142 words, 1 comment

Berlingo desire 2litre td

98 words, 3 comments

Berlingo Multispace Desire HDI

It's like a badly dressed, but loyal friend - useless for posing with, but great when it matters!

126 words, 6 comments

Berlingo Multispace Forte 1.9 diesel

Great value for money

120 words, 2 comments

Berlingo Desire 2.0 HDI

Excellent for the price - a real bargain

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