Citroen C1 reviews from UK and Ireland


C1 VTR 1.0 petrol

Funky, cheap to run and and fun to drive!

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C1 Code 1.0 litre

I would definitely recommend the C1 for anyone on a budget

114 words

C1 Vibe

Cheap, practical, and reliable

C1 Vibe 1.0

Excellent value for money and fun

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C1 Vibe 1.0

Basic, cheap but characterful transport

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C1 Vibe 1.0

Great little car, reliable and fun to drive

239 words, 2 comments

C1 Vibe 1 litre 12v 3 cylinder

The future of cheap and fun motoring

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C1 1.0

Nippy, small, but a few problems

334 words, 10 comments


C1 Rhythm 1.4 HDi

The cutest car on the road today!

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