1989 Daihatsu Fourtrak el 2.8 turbo diesel


A cheap tow vehicle, very capable


Overheating problem, the cause was a blocked radiator matrix. the front wheel bearing wore out. the front springs had to be replaced, as they were starting to sag.

General Comments:

A good tough tow vehicle, as I regularly tow a tonne and half caravan with no problems. very strong off road. the cabin is a little dated, almost tractor like.

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Review Date: 19th March, 2003

1996 Daihatsu Fourtrak TDX 2.8 turbo diesel


Why on earth have they stopped building them?



General Comments:

Excellent fuel efficiency for a 4 wd vehicle (30+ mpg always).

Good all round duel purpose vehicle.

A little noisey over 70 mph - a little extra sound proofing sorts that though.

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Review Date: 14th May, 2002

21st Jun 2006, 07:21

I cannot understand why, for the life of me, Daihatsu stopped making these. It's madness. What an economic blunder. Mind you - perhaps they were too good and turnover was too low!!

1989 Daihatsu Fourtrak LX 2.8 turbo diesel


A great reliable, powerful, well looked for 4x4


A slight noise as if something is rubbing at the back axle.

The front seat didn't fold forward to get into the back.

Slight rust on the rear panel.

General Comments:

Exellent off road.

Feels great and very responsive to tow.

Powerful engine.

Gives the Defenders a great run for their money.


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Review Date: 22nd March, 2001

1989 Daihatsu Fourtrak DX 2.8 diesel


Absolutely nothing.

General Comments:

Hard ride due to the leaf spring suspension on this model. Gearbox a bit 'agricultural'. However, had this car for 10 years & covered 150k miles faultlessly. Has never failed an MOT - particulate / emissions test still v good. Excellent for towing, go anywhere vehicle.

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Review Date: 13th January, 2000

21st Jul 2004, 14:23

I have had my 1989 Rocky 2.8 Diesel for nearly 5 years now. I would rate the comfort as 8/10, Value for money 10/10, Performance 10/10, offroad ability 10/10, and fuel comsumption 10/10. You don't get much better then 6.2 Litres of diesel per 100 Miles.

You review is good, Great to see many Rocky owners out there. I also have a 1966 Model Series 2a Land Rover.

16th Oct 2015, 10:32

I have owned my 1991 TDX for 6 years now, and owned a 2a Land Rover before it. Have to say the Fourtrak is a wonderful rugged and reliable vehicle; its off road ability is remarkable, and its towing capabilities are amazing. Yes I've had to spend some money on her, but she is an elderly vehicle. I hope for another 6 years of service, and incidentally there's no rot on her.

1993 Daihatsu Fourtrak Independent TDX 2.8 turbo diesel


Clip inside autolocking front hubs came off preventing car from engaging 4WD.

Wiring inlet located at side of front passenger seat needed sealing to stop wiring getting wet when going through water.

In heavy rain water can leak in through rear window sills if vehicle parked facing downhill!

General Comments:

Has been very economical to run compared to similar 4WDs. Goes anywhere, does anything, brilliant to tow with. A good alternative to a Landrover (and less common!)

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Review Date: 26th July, 1998

18th Jan 2001, 16:33

Like the car, but a weak exhaust manifold.

Rust under the rear wheel arch to the chassis.

A little underpowered.

Makes a good light weight off roader and more comfy than a Land Rover.

11th May 2006, 13:19

I have a 1989 G registered Fourtrak in black with a 1998cc petrol engine, it has now covered 487,789 miles and I have owned the vehicle since new.

The only fault that I have had with the car is it had to have a new carburettor at 358,900 miles and it has just not long ago had to have new tyres and leaf springs, but other than general service items it hasn't missed a beat. But I can't really complain its been an amazing vehicle.

I have been absolutely amazed at the reliability of the vehicle. It hasn't ever broken down! (and it's a petrol, non injection)

It is still on the road and its about to go for a full restoration as it is my pride and joy. And I think it deserves a restoration to completely standard trim as it has covered so many miles.

It went around the world with my brother on his gap year and never missed a beat with him either. It's been through ravines, rivers, axle deep mud, streams, snow, soft sand and just about anything else you can think of. Whether it has been freezing or boiling you can always rely on the trusty fourtrak to get you there! (even if it does take a while to get there).

I will go just about anywhere whether its ruts the size of a small country (piece of cake), axle deep mud (no problem) and steep inclines are its favourite, all you have to do is put it in 4 low range 4 wheel drive, point it at an obstacle, any obstacle and it not only copes it trounces everything in its path.

After the restoration it will be stored for sunny days and weekend outings as I think that it needs a bit of a rest!

5 years ago we purchased a new Fourtrak TDX-SE and it is the same with that one, it hasn't missed a beat, and has even more power to climb those inclines and power its way through axle deep mud.

It has even missed services by quite a long way and still hasn't missed a beat.

My favourite car in the world, will it ever break down? I just can't see why they have discontinued it!