Punto ELX 1.2

Very unreliable and unpredictable

108 words

Punto HGT 1.8

Punto HGT: The Hot and Spicy Pot Noodle of cars!

288 words

Punto ELX 1.2

If you see someone selling one... WALK AWAY!!!

136 words, 1 comment

Punto Sporting 16v 1.2 16v

Stylish hatch with a good balance of performance and economy

359 words

Punto 1.2 8-valve unit

Lovely little car, spoiled by niggling electrical faults

338 words

Punto Sporting 1.2 16v

Better than a corsa, not as good as a Fiesta

90 words, 1 comment

Punto 8V 1.2

Absolute rubbish, no modern car should develop these types of fault.

103 words

Punto ELX 1.2

Hell on wheels... I now know what FIAT stands for - Fix It Again Tomorrow!

140 words, 1 comment

Punto 1.2

Good car - basic, but cheap to buy, cheap to run

139 words

Punto sporting 16v 1.2 petrol

It's a great car, amazing looks color and performance, nice one Fiat

294 words

Punto ELX JTD 1.9 JTD

Low cost of ownership, but too much hassle, as and when faults develop, and uncomfortable ride

218 words, 1 comment

Punto ELX 1.2

Nice, but always seems to have faults

153 words

Punto ELX JTD 1.9 turbo diesel

An all round very cheap and nice car

83 words, 1 comment

Punto ELX 1.2

The car would be good if it were more reliable

192 words, 2 comments

Punto 1.2 petrol

Good, reliable, ideal first car

268 words

Punto HGT 1.8

Unreliable rubbish

147 words

Punto HGT 1.8 16v

Nice sporty car, but expensive to run and insure

83 words, 2 comments

Punto ELX 1.2 petrol

A waste of money

114 words

Punto hgt 1.8 16v

Pocket rocket!!!

100 words, 31 comments

Punto HGT 1.8

Never buy a FIAT

25 words

Punto Basic Model (new shape) 1.2

Minor irritations still allow this car to be a corker!

518 words, 10 comments

Punto Mk2 Sporting 16v 1.2

Its like a nice idea poorly financed!

83 words, 1 comment

Punto ELX 1.2


157 words

Punto Base 1.2 8v

Cheap as buggery and a hoot to drive. Love it

180 words

Punto 8v 1.2

A heap of junk. Do not buy one

222 words, 57 comments

Punto ELX 1.2 16v

Great except for total mechanical failure

150 words, 1 comment

Punto HLX 1.3 16v

Great looks, but not worth the effort of upkeep

352 words

Punto Mia 1.2

The leading super-mini

87 words

Punto Sporting Speedgear 1.2

Excellent car, shame about the service and faults

292 words, 2 comments

Punto LX 1.2

The car is economical to buy and to run

121 words

Punto ELX 1.2

Almost the car of my dreams!

361 words, 1 comment

Punto 8v ELX 1.2

Good in parts, terrible in others

34 words

Punto elx 1.2 8v petrol

Nice car shoddy build quality

96 words

Punto ELX 1.2

A very nice, comfortable drive however a great worry over parts

227 words, 1 comment

Punto elx 8v 1.2

N ice looks shame about the build quality

203 words

Punto HGT 1.7 16v

Bargain 'sports' car with all the extras!

145 words, 4 comments

Punto ELX 16v 1.25

Good little run around..

147 words

Punto HGT 1.8

Quick, choppy, hard, fun for a blast

275 words, 1 comment

Punto ELX 1.2 8v

A big disappointment

608 words, 3 comments

Punto 60 S 1.2

Nice car, but poorly constructed

115 words

Punto HGT 1.8 16v

Good looking mover... Bella!

141 words

Punto S 1.2 8v petrol

Excellent value and a great drive

127 words

Punto ELX 1.2


66 words

Punto Sporting 1.2 16v

A fun, nippy, roomy and practical good-looking, over-looked bargain

141 words, 4 comments

Punto Sporting 16v 1.2

A sensible well engineered 'Sporting' Punto

202 words, 1 comment

Punto Abarth 1.2 8v

A bag of crap

60 words, 2 comments

Punto Abarth 1.2 8v

Economical, good looker

75 words

Punto Sporting 1.2

Great purchase

82 words

Punto 60S 1.2 8v petrol

A car that looks good, drives good and is economical and fun

89 words

Punto ELX 5 door 1.9 JTD (diesel)

Beast of a super-mini

250 words, 7 comments