Stilo Multiwagon 1.9 JTD turbo diesel

Decent car at a good price

240 words

Stilo Dynamic 1.6 16v

An underestimated gem of a car!

50 words

Stilo Dynamic Multiwagon 1.9 JTD turbo diesel

I am a bit neutral on Fiats; don't know if I would buy another one

197 words, 3 comments

Stilo 3 door Active 1.2 16v

A very nice car which I would recommend

140 words

Stilo active aircon 1.2

Over all a good car

52 words

Stilo dynamic 1.9 turbo diesel

Well worth having

113 words

Stilo Active 1.2

A great car! amazing style, so many bargains to be had!

276 words, 1 comment

Stilo Multi Wagon JTD 1.9 JTD

Not a bad car good to look at poor resale and high service costs get a good discount on new

153 words

Stilo Dynamic 1.9 JTD

Excellent value for money

126 words, 1 comment

Stilo Dynamic 1.8

High performance bargain indeed!

59 words

Stilo dynamic 1.8

These two cars, poor quality and let the company down for good. Will never buy another Fiat.

116 words

Stilo Dynamic 1.6

A let down!

89 words, 28 comments

Stilo Active 1.6 16v petrol

Italian Trash!! give me back my Focus!!

499 words, 4 comments

Stilo Dynamic 1.8

A charismatic little iconaclast

58 words

Stilo Active 1.2

VW class for Perodua money

225 words

Stilo 1.8 petrol

Good - but there are better alternatives

233 words

Stilo Arbath 2.4

A stand alone bargain

25 words, 4 comments