Stilo Dynamic 1.8

Sporty 3 door with Italian flair

48 words

Stilo JTD Dynamic 1.9 turbo diesel

A brute of an engine

158 words

Stilo Dynamic Multiwagon 1.9 JTD 115bhp turbo diesel

Best estate on the market. Grab a second hand bargain

199 words

Stilo Dynamic 1.9 diesel

A good car spoiled by poor dealer support

32 words

Stilo Dynamic 1.6 petrol

Italy's biggest undiscovered secret!

123 words


Death trap

66 words, 1 comment

Stilo Active 16 valve 1.4 petrol

Great concept... problematic execution

111 words, 3 comments

Stilo multiwagon dynamic 1.9 turbo diesel

30,000 reliable miles in a year what more do you want?

53 words

Stilo Dynamic 1.9 JTD

Love it to bit, just bought another one!

232 words

Stilo Active Aircon 1.4 16v

A well equipped car with stylish Italian flair available with great discounts available

193 words, 7 comments