Sierra D L 2.3 diesel

Cheap, throw -away and anonymous

130 words

Sierra Ghia 4X4 estate 2.0 petrol

An excellent luxury load carrier

95 words

Sierra GL 2.0

Good quality car

80 words

Sierra GLS 2.0i

Better than a XR4X4!

87 words, 2 comments

Sierra GL 1.8 CVH petrol

A Under rated fast classic

68 words, 2 comments

Sierra LX 1.8 OHC

Great fun

62 words

Sierra glsi 2.0i

Cheap and powerful

65 words

Sierra 2.00 LX 2.0 c.c. O.H.C.

Superb rear wheel drive family saloon now (sadly) the province of B.M.W's.

118 words

Sierra XR4x4i 2.8i turbo

Devastatingly quick

111 words, 1 comment

Sierra LX 1.8

Cheap as chips to run.Great to drive

107 words

Sierra GLSi 2.0 injection

I love it to pieces!

84 words

Sierra LX 1.6

Simple and reliable motoring

226 words

Sierra L Estate 1.6 petrol

An extremely reliable workhorse

494 words

Sierra GLS 2.0 injection

A cheap compromise of power and practicality

147 words

Sierra GLSi 2.0

Excellent overall performance and spec for an old one!

42 words, 1 comment

Sierra L Estate 1.8 petrol

Probaby the cheapest workhorse in the world

138 words

Sierra Sapphire GLSi 2.0

If you get the chance buy one and don't let go

281 words, 1 comment

Sierra GLSi 2.0i SOHC

At 60ukp, a bargain!

60 words

Sierra L 1.8

A most excellent car

65 words

Sierra GL Estate 1.8 Pinto

A successor that didn't actually match it's predecessor

46 words, 2 comments

Sierra GL 1.8

94 words

Sierra Sapphire Ghia 2.0i petrol

25 words

Sierra LX 1.8 petrol

43 words

Sierra Sapphire GLS 2.0 petrol

39 words