Sierra XR4x4 3.1 Twin T2 Hybrid

Faster than the M3

141 words

Sierra LX 1.6 petrol

A comfy and reliable workhorse

251 words

Sierra GL 2.0 turbo petrol

The ultimate Q-car

552 words, 1 comment

Sierra L D 2.3 diesel

A good all rounder, seriously cheap

271 words, 9 comments

Sierra LX 2.0 petrol

Trusty but aged

70 words

Sierra Ghia 2.0i SOHC


206 words

Sierra RS Cosworth 2.0 16v turbo

A proper drivers car!

128 words

Sierra cosworth 2.0 turbo

One of the best cars ever built

395 words, 57 comments

Sierra XR4x4 2.9 V6

One of the best performance cars you can buy for the money

115 words

Sierra XR4X4 2.9

Great fun and fast, but expensive to run

400 words

Sierra GLS 2.0i

A very reliable and economical performance car

88 words, 2 comments

Sierra GLSi 4x4 2.9i V6

It's a seriously quick wolf in sheep's clothing

105 words, 3 comments

Sierra Cosworth Sapphire 2.0 Cosworth turbo

153 words, 6 comments

Sierra GLS 2.0 SOHC

56 words

Sierra Sapphire GLSi 2.0

One and a half tones of Dagenham Pig iron that goes like a whippet but handles like a rhino on crack

176 words, 2 comments

Sierra L 1.8 CVH

A well thrashed car

84 words

Sierra L 1.8 CVH

Damn rust

179 words

Sierra Ghia 2.0 DOHC

A reliable, comfortable car

60 words, 1 comment

Sierra Chasseur 1.8

Brilliant cheap family car!

66 words

Sierra Sapphire LX 2.0 DOHC

Solid cheap family workhorse

61 words

Sierra LX 1.6

Reliable and comfortable family car

94 words, 1 comment

Sierra GL Estate 2.0 SOHC petrol

A good family car in its day, reliable

88 words

Sierra LS 1.6 petrol

An absolutely unbreakable car

194 words

Sierra Ghia 2.0i DOHC

A fast comfy fun bargain

42 words, 2 comments

Sierra XR 4x4 Turbo 2.8i turbo petrol

A cut price Cosworth beater!

91 words, 2 comments

Sierra Cosworth 2.0 EFI turbo petrol

Exocet missile

27 words

Sierra Sapphire Classic 1.6

75 words, 1 comment

Sierra Sapphire Cosworth 2wd 2.0 petrol

83 words, 2 comments

Sierra LS Sapphire 1.6 petrol

55 words

Sierra GLS 4x4 2.9 V6 petrol

131 words

Sierra GLS 4x4 2.9 V6 petrol

188 words

Sierra Sapphire RS Cosworth 2.0 turbo petrol

20 words