1989 Ford Sierra Cosworth Sapphire 2.0 Cosworth turbo from UK and Ireland


Warped brake discs.

Premature wear to the tires and brakes.

Seized clutch.

Blown head gasket.

Shattered spark plug.

General Comments:

Forget your Japanese Scooby's and Evo's. The 'Cossie' will always be king of the road and track.

Blistering performance with all the benefits of comfortable 4 seater transport that will happily cruise at three figure speeds (just watch the fuel gauge plummet though!).

I have used mine as a second car for dry weekends in the summer. It has many modifications that have resulted in over 300bhp and race-car handling. It is taken to many RS shows (great sociable atmospheres) and regularly used at track days. This has meant that I have got through a fair few sets of tires, brakes and spark plugs, but it's all worth while for the Porsche crushing tail happy performance.

Once you buy a Cossie you will find nearly all other cars on the road boring, mundane and slow.

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Review Date: 11th May, 2001

17th Dec 2001, 11:21

Interesting review. Yes the Cossie does make most things seem slow in comparison. It is also a hoot to drive! Engine is rather coarse though. But better than an Evo? Well I own a rather fun Evo VII, my weekend car & it makes a complete mockery of all the Cossies I have come up against on the track. They just can't go through the bends at the same speed :)

Have to say though, as a cheaper alternative... nothing comes close!

1989 Ford Sierra GLS 2.0 SOHC from UK and Ireland


Very little - all major components original & untouched.

Rocker cover only been off once and then only because the gasket was leaking.

Brake pads & discs need replacing approx every 50,000 miles and the cam belt is replaced every 45,000 miles, otherwise it's just oil & filter changes, tyres etc, and it just keeps going.

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Review Date: 5th April, 2001

1989 Ford Sierra Sapphire GLSi 2.0 from UK and Ireland


One and a half tones of Dagenham Pig iron that goes like a whippet but handles like a rhino on crack


The fuel tank fell off the first time I filled it up due to acute corrosion on the mountings and fixings.

The rear wheel arches needed attention almost immediately, and with the harsh winter that followed, soon needed replacing.

Idle speed control valve is a little erratic and the gasket needs regular checking for air leaks.

The last MOT inspection revieled quite a few areas of underside body work that required welding.

This models major let down is its suspension, it proves sloppy and prone to excessive yawing. Handling suffers as a result along with sharp braking and acceleration.

General Comments:

On the plus side, the addition of a filter charger to the inlet manifold on the throttle body makes throttle response razor sharp.

It has impressive acceleration for such a heavy car and will cruise quite happily at 120mph (on private roads).

Although quite thirsty around town, on the motor-way MPG will go into the mid thirties.

The interior on the standard model is a bit dull, but substitution for the Ghia spec makes a big difference.

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Review Date: 2nd April, 2001

18th May 2009, 13:54

If it was that rusty, it probably was a Dagenham built car. They always said the Cologne built ones were better in that respect.

4th Nov 2009, 04:32

All Sierras were built in Genk, Belgium.

1989 Ford Sierra L 1.8 CVH from UK and Ireland


A well thrashed car


Battery tray had rotted away.

Sills replaced recently.

3 new doors.

Axle replaced.

Prop shaft replaced.

Floor needed welding.

Rear wheel arches very rusted.

Wiring loom touched the exhaust manifold and burnt in half.

Engine has just blown.

General Comments:

It's lethal on wet roundabouts - the back end slides out and it is very difficult to rectify when this happens. Hood handling in the dry.

The engine is loud at high revs.

Excellent driving position and more than decent performance for a 17 year old.

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Review Date: 2nd April, 2001

1989 Ford Sierra L 1.8 CVH from UK and Ireland


Damn rust


Clutch cable broke at 170 000 going on holiday. Couldn't get an original cable (in France) so put a pattern one on which broke 1 year and 1 week later. Replaced with an original which is fine.

Exhaust manifold cracked at 190 000.

One or two front brake calipers were needed (seized - £5 from the breakers).

Cylinder head valves and seats, rings and shells done at 175 000.

Otherwise normal wear and tear (discs, pads, shocks, bushings, exhaust twice, clutch once - only because of a noisy bearing, cam belts).

Never paid more than £3/gallon for the oil. The trick is to use genuine parts, warm the motor gently and change every 6 000 miles.

Engine is seriously tired now but a change of valve guides and maybe cord rings will keep me going to 300 000 miles.

If there wasn't so much rust I'd completely overhaul the motor.

General Comments:

40 mpg until recently.

80 000 miles on a set of tyres (Michelin).

Lot's of room, extremely comfortable, very easy to work on with ordinary tools.

Tough (3 accidents).

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Review Date: 23rd February, 2001