Sierra LX Sapphire 1.8 petrol

A great family car

81 words

Sierra 1.8 GLS Sapphire 1.8 petrol

Another ultra reliable car from Ford

101 words

Sierra Cosworth 2.0 16v turbo

Wanna chew a Scooby! Buy a Cossie

137 words

Sierra GLS 2.0 DOHC

Loads of car for your money, but maintenance costs can get out of hand with a "bad" one

427 words, 2 comments

Sierra 2.0 GL 2.0 8v Carb

Got lucky with a Sierra for once!

107 words, 1 comment

Sierra Estate 4x4 2.9i twin-turbo V6

What more do you want? It's a damn fast, damn big Sierra!

210 words, 1 comment

Sierra LX 1.8

Under estimated nippy bargain

73 words

Sierra XR4x4 2.0 DOHC

A bargain which turned into a nightmare

310 words, 1 comment

Sierra Ghia 2.0i DOHC

A most reliable, fast, exciting machine

144 words

Sierra LX 1.8 CVH

Very dependable and good value for money

162 words

Sierra Sapphire LX 1.8

A great car in a class of its own

109 words

Sierra LX 1.8 petrol

Excellent workhorse

96 words

Sierra Sapphire RS Cosworth 4x4 2.0

Cheap to buy, but expensive to own and maintain

121 words, 1 comment

Sierra GLSi 2.0 efi

Hot hatch performance in a family saloon

77 words

Sierra LX 1.8 petrol

A comfortable, reliable work-horse

232 words, 1 comment

Sierra LX 2.0 DOHC

If you get one look after it and it will look after you

139 words

Sierra LX 1.8

For a first car it's phenomenal

126 words

Sierra XR4x4 2.9

Fast, reliable, controllable

28 words

Sierra Laser 1.6 petrol

Cheap, comfortable, long distance car

73 words

Sierra LX 1.8

If you find a Sierra in good condition, take it!!!

65 words

Sierra XR4x4 2.9

Underrated bruiser

60 words

Sierra Ghia 2.0i DOHC

Well worth what I paid for it

35 words

Sierra Sapphire L 1.6

For the 600ukp I paid it's a bargain with cheap insurance, and cheap to drive

48 words

Sierra XR4x4 Ghia Estate Cologne 2.9 V6 12v

Cheap old banger that's fast

94 words

Sierra Ghia 2.0 DOHC injection

A quick and very reliable car, with a lot of comforts, which will last for years

34 words, 1 comment

Sierra XR4x4 2.9 V6

A very good handler that flies and is dirt cheap

114 words

Sierra GLS 5 door 2.0 DOHC EFi

Reliable and quick family motor

104 words

Sierra Sapphire GLX 1.8 CVH

A good car for used prices

10 words

Sierra Sapphire GLSi 2.0

Super car on a budget..

210 words

Sierra GLSi 2.0 EFI

42 words, 1 comment

Sierra Sapphire GLS 2.0i DOHC EFI

A good motorway cruiser

75 words, 1 comment

Sierra LX 1.8

87 words

Sierra LX 1.8 petrol

Cheap and cheerful

128 words

Sierra LX 1.8 CVH

Still a good buy second hand and no catalytic converter to cost the earth

41 words, 5 comments

Sierra GLX 2.0 petrol

41 words

Sierra XR4x4 2.9 12V petrol

45 words

Sierra L Estate 1.8 petrol

76 words