1990 Ford Sierra 2.0 GL 2.0 8v Carb from UK and Ireland


Got lucky with a Sierra for once!


Very slight blue smoke from the exhaust on start-up.

Slight oil leak from rocker cover.

Bits of rust appearing here and there.

General Comments:

WOW...is all I can say - this was bought as a cheap runaround till I had enough money to buy something I really wanted, but I've decided to keep it!

I've had Sierras before and they have been awful, but this one is superb - full history, only 2 or 3 small rust scabs (excellent for a 1990 G reg Ford) and 208000 miles on the ORIGINAL engine - I think I've been lucky with this one so it will be used until it dies!

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Review Date: 29th February, 2004

12th Jul 2004, 10:28

You might be in for a bit of a wait, for it to die that is. I bought a 1987 2.0i GLS as a short term runabout for £175 two years ago, with 187,000 on the original lump (and a FSH up to 156,000!!). I used it for 6 months with no problems and gave it to my uncle whose Rover had just blown up on him and needed a car quickly.

Two years on, he's still got it, it's done 242,000 miles and it will still see off my current 02 Golf 2.0 GTi up to about 70 mph. Original engine, original gearbox and the same clutch that was in it when I bought it. It's not even particularly rusty. Passed the first MOT straight off, and needed a pair of TCA bushes and a back box for the last one. Utterly bombproof old bruiser!

1990 Ford Sierra XR4x4 2.0 DOHC EFI from Portugal


A big deal for tuning enthusiasts


Idle valve was erratic. Replaced with a new one.

EFI butterfly button was damaged. Replaced with a new one.

Rear Left Stop Light was not working. Fixed with a new lamp and a little of contact spray.

Exhaust system was broken a making some smoke to stay inside the car.

General Comments:

Previous owner loved this model, and made some modifications:

- Zebring oval dual sized pipe

- Tarox disk brakes (ventilated and holes)

- Ferodo Sport disk pads

- Bilstein lowered suspensions and springs.

The car has a great handling capability, and since I've seen the normal one, I would recomend the Tarox / Bilstein mods.

Engine is enought to my country type of roads and even Imprezas can't go away too much further till 170/180 Km/h.

The EFI system is prepared to have some kind of power booster (probably Nitro or similar) and I would love to give it a try :)

I can make around 100 Km with 10 Liters of fuel, but pressing hard on the pedal, so probably it will make some 125 Km with 10 Liters.

The 4x4 system is wonderful. Well balanced torque with at least 60/70% to the rear wheels and 40/30% to the front ones.

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Review Date: 1st June, 2003

1990 Ford Sierra Estate 4x4 2.9i twin-turbo V6 from UK and Ireland


What more do you want? It's a damn fast, damn big Sierra!


Absolutely nothing!!!

General Comments:

After owning a Sierra XR4x4 2.9i V6, which I was VERY reluctant to get rid of, I spotted this rare Sierra for the bargain price of £2000.

Most people were unaware of the sheer power that this car had under the bonnet - A big estate car that topped out at 160mph. It was very amusing to pull alongside a cocky boy racer in his 1.6i Escort Cabriolet at traffic lights, and then leaving him amazed in a huge cloud of smoke as I shot into the distance. This is a car NOT to be messed with.

Although the high fuel consumption left my wallet empty most of the time, I really couldn't complain about my beloved Sierra Estate. On several occasions, I was confronted by rude boys in their laughable 1.2 Nova's and Clio's, and had the great opportunity of leaving them in shame as I roared off into the distance in my 2.9i twin-turbo beauty. It was fun to show up nearly all cars (including a Subaru Impreza!) with what they thought was a standard nasty Sierra, but I had the last laugh, each and every time.

Sierra Estates horrible? Think again, friends! Find one of these mean machines, and you're sure to be the king!

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Review Date: 19th April, 2003

8th Mar 2006, 06:58

Should be compulsory for all boy racers to be left in the dust by one of these. Mine is only the 'standard' 2.9i, but great fun to see their faces disappearing in the mirror. Sadly its about to go as can no longer afford the constant refuelling stops, but had four years of fun, great car to drive. If funds permit would have another without hesitation.