Civic LSi 1.6 16v

Reliable engine, but the marque is overrated

256 words

Civic Hawaii 1.4 petrol

Reliable, neat and practical package with a great engine

372 words, 1 comment

Civic Coupe lsi 1.6

A reliable weapon

149 words

Civic LS 1.5 VTEC

This is an excellent car

75 words, 2 comments

Civic LSi Coupe 1.6

Between fuel consumption, and reliability it's one of the cheapest cars I have owned.

164 words

Civic SR Coupe VTEC 1.6

Try to find one

55 words, 1 comment

Civic LSi 1.5 VTEC

Nice cheap town car, with a few surprises in store..

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Civic 1.5 VTEC-E 1.5

Very reliable and cheap to run, but not at all sexy.

153 words, 6 comments

Civic VTi 1.6

Brilliant engine and handling, but otherwise somewhat flawed

111 words, 2 comments

Civic VTi 1.6

Seriously quick, super reliable, expensive insurance

97 words, 6 comments

Civic VTi 1.6i

Fast, fun, economical and reliable

57 words

Civic Coupe LS 1.6

Pricey, lacklustre performance but has quality, reliability and style

41 words

Civic Coupe SR 1.6 VTEC

Reliable, stylish motor, only lacking in true coupe performance

106 words, 1 comment

Civic VTEC 1.5 petrol

Amazing fun and serious quality!!!

57 words

Civic Coupe Lsi 1.6 petrol

49 words

Civic Coupe Lsi 1.6i petrol

13 words