Civic Illusion 1.4i

A well spent £200

48 words

Civic VTi 1.6 Vtec

Perfect all rounder

105 words

Civic Illusion 1.4i

Very impressed, will buy a Honda again

137 words, 3 comments

Civic VTI-S 1.6 normally aspirated

Can't get a faster and more reliable 1.6. Bye Golfs GTIs even though they are 2.0 or at least 1.8!

134 words, 3 comments

Civic 1.4i

Ace student motor with tons of potential!

66 words

Civic Illusion 1.4i

I'm sticking with Honda

72 words, 5 comments

Civic VTI-S 1.6

Fast, Reliable Wolf in Sheep's Clothing

230 words, 4 comments

Civic SE 1.4

A well built, practical, economical, and reliable car

57 words

Civic VTi 1.8

All go, no show - I'd have another

422 words, 1 comment

Civic 1.4i 1.4

ULTRA reliable!!!

239 words, 1 comment

Civic VTI 1.8

A Discreet Rocket Car With All Round Quality!

202 words, 2 comments

Civic Illusion 1.4 16v

A cheap to insure nippy car with lots of aftermarket modding potential

92 words, 2 comments

Civic VTi 1.8 petrol

A mistake to buy

71 words, 5 comments

Civic 1.4i petrol

Handy hatchback

102 words, 2 comments


Practical for the family and excellent for dad when they get out!

53 words, 2 comments

Civic Type-R 1.6 petrol

Best car for fun and performance all round

29 words, 2 comments

Civic VTEC VTI 1.6 DOHC petrol

High performance jet!!

150 words, 34 comments