1998 Honda Civic VTi 1.6 Vtec from UK and Ireland


Perfect all rounder


Park light bulb blown.

Otherwise nothing at all.

General Comments:

This is now my second Honda; my 1st was the EG9 JDM, and I now have the EK4 VTi 1.6 VTEC.

This car is a joy to drive; very calm and quiet when cruising, and a total animal when giving it the berries.

The car has done over 103,000 miles, and still drives more or less like new. I would advise anyone to have one of these cheap, fast reliable cars.

Thus far I have installed a PI Lowering kit, K&N intake, and upgraded audio; nothing else needs to be done as far as I can see.

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Review Date: 27th June, 2007

1998 Honda Civic Illusion 1.4i from UK and Ireland


Very impressed, will buy a Honda again


Just replaced the rear suspension due to perishing, radiator had a small leak and exhaust starting to corrode.

Nothing has 'gone wrong' though, just normal wear and tear.

Local Honda dealership have been extremely helpful and informative, very impressed.

General Comments:

Very impressed with the car, the engine is quiet when stationary and when you get it past 3500 rpm it feels like it goes quicker than it should and sounds a lot more powerful than it is.

A lot of grey plastic and the seat patterns aren't very interesting, but overall the dash and centre console is conveniently placed.

Boot space is reasonably sized for a 3 door hatchback and with the back seats down there's plenty of space.

Personally, I think at the right angle the car is very good looking considering it's almost 10 years old.

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Review Date: 1st May, 2007

1st May 2007, 17:56

"Just replaced the rear suspension due to perishing"

That is NOT normal for a 10 year old car. Your suspension (except shocks) shouldn't start perishing till the car is at least 15 years old and even that's kinda early.

6th Jan 2009, 14:41

10 years is about right for rear suspension bushes, that's an average of 100,000 miles. Honda suspension is a double wishbone design and relies on rubber bushes, I don't think it's unreasonable to have to replace them after 10 years.

8th Sep 2010, 09:36

I've got a knocking coming from cv joint when turning the car on full lock. Can any one tell me if this is an easy job to do yourself?

Other than that, this car is a great little car. My wife loves it, the best £200 I've spent in a long time.

1998 Honda Civic VTI-S 1.6 normally aspirated from UK and Ireland


Can't get a faster and more reliable 1.6. Bye Golfs GTIs even though they are 2.0 or at least 1.8!


Nothing if I drove it normally. After a race with an R32, the engine sometimes squeaked. This was because there was play in the alternator belt. A mechanic nipped the nut up for free, so a minor problem that just needed a nut tighting. Very reliable overall.

Needs to get the front and rear suspension drop links done on the car. This wasn't causing me any problems, it was just to get it through the MOT.Ddidn't really need doing, but the MOT is tough these days.

General Comments:

VERY FAST FOR WHAT IT IS! No other 1.6 has gotten infront of me ever, even turbo cars have trouble and these are very reliable compared to turbos as they have high compression. Bear in mind this is a 1.6 front wheel drive Civic. Japanese ALL THE WAY.

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Review Date: 1st February, 2007

19th Apr 2007, 04:39

Totally agree!!!

6th Jul 2007, 08:16

I really agree as well... I had a run in with a BMW 330ci. All I will say he could not leave me, but I could not pass him as well.

So 1.6 vs 3.0 hell yeah bring it on.

10th Jul 2007, 09:30

I've raced a 325ci, and he could just about keep up, so I believe the guy who said he kept up with the 330ci. The vti is an awesome car, no other 1.6 could touch it.

1998 Honda Civic Si from North America


You can't go wrong with a Civic!

General Comments:

I have owned the car sinc November 05, so far so good. I forgot how fun Honda's are to drive!

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Review Date: 26th January, 2007

26th Jan 2007, 14:30

What a highly informative review that was...not!