Scoupe Turbo SE 1.5 turbo

Reliable and cheap car, but prefer the gen 1 coupe!

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Scoupe M.V.I SE 1.5i

Reliable Car, Cheap to purchase and run - and best of all, it doesn't actually look like a Hyundai!

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Scoupe M.V.T.I. SE 1.5 turbo petrol

An absolute dream!

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Scoupe SE 1.5i petrol

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Scoupe MVTi 1.5 Multi Valve turbo Injection

I'm only 20 and it's the best ride I've had, it's sexy, and it's quick! AND insurance friendly too!

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Scoupe mvi 1.5 petrol

A decent first sports car for the young

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Scoupe GT-i Turbo 1.5 Turbo MPFI petrol

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Scoupe mvti 1.6 turbo injection

Reliable, fast and good to drive

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Scoupe MVTi 1.5 turbo petrol

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