Delica Exceed 2.8L turbo diesel

It is taller than the tallest tree!!!

47 words


Delica Jasper 8 seater 2.8 turbo diesel

I've got the Deli Bug! Brilliant cars

167 words

Delica Chamonix 2.8 turbo Doesel

Best MPV available

109 words, 2 comments

Delica Exceed 2.8td

A great all rounder, with serious practicality

90 words, 1 comment


Delica L400 Exceed 2.8 turbo diesel

A great all round performer

44 words


Delica L400 Exceed 2.8 turbo diesel

A tamed monster truck that's great fun to drive

288 words, 1 comment

Delica Super Exceed 2.8TD

Built like a tank, with comfort and handling of a luxury car

278 words, 3 comments

Delica Super Exceed 2.8 Intercooler turbo

The best driving experience yet!!

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Delica Super Exceed 2.5 turbo diesel

Love it to bits. I won't part with it until I get a newer one

88 words


Delica L300 Super Exceed 2.5 turbo diesel


91 words, 3 comments


Delica Stagwagon L300 4x4 2.5 turbo diesel

Tip top mad fun surf wagon

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