Almera GTi 2.0

Fantastic, Great Little run around and Great on Motorways!!

61 words, 2 comments

Almera SRi 3DR 1.6

A reliable sportyish hatch

179 words

Almera Si 1.4

Buy one, You won't regret it

104 words, 4 comments

Almera Equation 1.4

I will buy another one!

61 words, 1 comment

Almera GTi 2.o 16v

The fastest bread van on earth

64 words, 3 comments

Almera GXD 2.0 diesel

Superbly reliable and economical

78 words

Almera 2.0 diesel

Good value for money

83 words

Almera SRi 1.6 16v

Nippy, comfortable, excellent package for excellent value and running costs

308 words

Almera SRi 1.6i 16v twin cam

Part leather trim is nice, but the sports seats can be harsh

116 words, 8 comments

Almera Si 1.4 16v petrol

Fun and packed with extras

82 words, 2 comments

Almera GX 1.4 petrol

91 words

Almera GX 1.4 petrol

35 words

Almera Si 1.4 16v petrol

61 words