1993 Nissan Pulsar Ti 1.6


Tough, reliable and economical with a good power output


Blower motor rheostat failed after about 9 years.

Driver's side door lock needed replacing after 9 years.

Slight oil leak developed after about 150000Kms.

Window mechanism (electric) was very slow in cold weather. Partially remedied through the use of silicon oil on the glass.

Rear anti-roll bar bushes perished leading to rattle. I mistook this for failed dampers.

Air con needed re-gassing after 10 years, then failed completely at 13 years.

The roof mounted aerial is a single piece construction and difficult to replace.

General Comments:

An extremely reliable and very tough vehicle.

The twin cam VVTi engine is smooth and revs sweetly. Acceleration seems best between 3500 and 5000 rev/min.

The car's handling is very good in the dry, but very poor in the wet, with not a great deal of feel through the power steering.

Very economical if driven carefully (always over 40mpg, with 50mpg at a steady 80Km/hr).

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Review Date: 8th March, 2007

1993 Nissan Pulsar GTi-R 2.0L turbo


A high performance bargain


My turbo blew after 65000 miles.

Worn engine mounts after 70000 miles.

General Comments:

Pray to thy as there is a lord of masters, a 2.0L turbo 4x4 tin box that rockets you to 60 in 5.4 seconds on standard form. Add 1.2 bar of boost, aftermarket exhaust and air filter, you're touching 300 brake.

Handles well too, but lowering springs are advised.

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Review Date: 13th October, 2003

1991 Nissan Pulsar GTi-R 2.0 16v turbo 4x4


For under 5k you can have a car that'll leave cars for dust that are worth 4 times as much


Warped discs on the front.

A few niggling problems setting the boost on the turbo.

Apart from that, not a lot.

General Comments:

First thing... If you get the chance to buy one, then go for it.

You get so much for so little money.

The cars performance is fantastic. The standard 227bhp (220bhp if a rare U. K Sunny) gives plenty of fun under that right foot, while the four wheel drive is there to keep you on track. If it still isn't quick enough for you at that, then you can up the bhp very easily with a few simple modifications. The big let down on the GTi-R is the brakes. The standard brakes suffer very bad from brake fade and an upgrade is best advised. If you're not bothered about any frills why not go for the lighter stripped out rally model, called the Dakar. (white in colour)

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Review Date: 15th May, 2003

3rd Jun 2003, 15:59

I agree, the GTiR is a fantastic little car.

I also own one, and had to have the front discs replaced not long ago. I think this is a symptom of most GTiRs. New and better brakes are a wise investment, to haul this pocket rocket to a stop.

1992 Nissan Pulsar GTi-R 2.0 turbo


Street fighter turbo


The most recent things that have gone wrong are: I had to have new brakes for the front & back, the hand brake needed sorting, and also a back rear off side caliper.

Now & then the ABS light keeps on coming on and off.

General Comments:

This is a beast from the east. 0-60 in 5.1 seconds, I call it a street fighter, it takes corner like there's no tomorrow. There are not many cars that can match the performances of a Pulsar. I love it when the turbo kicks in; it's like a mini version of a Skyline.

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Review Date: 23rd February, 2003

1989 Nissan Pulsar GTi-R 2.0 turbo


Awesome, dragon slaying hatchback


Nothing at all has gone wrong with this car as yet.

I've only had it for a few months, so it won't really be a true test, however it hasn't demanded I empty my wallet on it yet.

General Comments:

The car is awesome.

It still scares me when I floor it and always, always brings a big smile.

It sounds good, handles great and is the fastest car you can buy for the money. I'd recommend it to anyone, the running costs are high, but if you like a fast car and are prepared to pay extra for fuel it's worth it.

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Review Date: 3rd November, 2002