Vanette Cargo 2.3 diesel

Never again

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Vanette Cargo LD23 diesel

Good van, does the job well

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Vanette Cargo 2.3L diesel

A great van, a little heavy on the diesel, normally reliable, and liable to skid

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Vanette Cargo 2.3d

A cheap van, but you would soon get to know the dealer very well

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Vanette Cargo 2.3

Basically the Nissan Vanette is a good alround small van, cheap to buy, cheap to run, but not really

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Vanette Cargo 2.3 diesel

Not a modern van, but cheap to buy and maintain

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Vanette Cargo 2.3

Solid reliable van with reasonable comfort and good sized cargo area, but is lacking in power

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Vanette Cargo 2.3D

A more refined and powerful power unit would make this van the complete package

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Vanette Cargo 2.3 diesel

Good, simple van

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Vanette Cargo cargo lwb 2.3 diesel

Good mid sized van

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Vanette Cargo 2.3 diesel

Complete rubbish

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Vanette Cargo 2.3L diesel

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