1998 Nissan Vanette Cargo 2.3 diesel from UK and Ireland


Good, simple van


Small leakage from valve cover gasket, driver's seat started to wear badly...

General Comments:

Bought one for 400€ - year `98, and apart from a worn driver seat, it's almost SPOTLESS - a huge credit to the previous owner!!! Fully serviced, brand new tyres, clean inside etc. It's true that it's one noisy van, but try to use carpet under the rubber floor on the back and do the same in the front - where your feet are, and on the side of the seats under plastic covers. The difference is huge, compared to the original version ;)))

The other fact is a lack of power - but try to adjust the horizontally positioned bolt with the nut on the diesel pump, and you will be amazed with the result!!! Sure, the MPG will fall a bit, but you won't care since your `newly born` van will have decent power!!! Same trick for so called stupid revs (high revs after you start the van). Cheap, simple and can be easy fed with vegetable oil (you'd best filter used oil) Not a bad van overall! Considering the cost of purchase, that van pays itself off after two weeks!!!

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Review Date: 25th September, 2011

2nd Feb 2012, 07:44

Could you give me more details on the fuel pump adjustment please. Not sure what you mean and how much do you adjust it?


24th Mar 2012, 17:25

I have just purchased a Vanette, and was confused by the diesel pump comment, so I went searching and found this:


"Last thing is to take the 'banjo' bolt out of the delivery pipe in the top of the diesel pump and remove the incredibly fine gauze mesh inside the bolt (just pulls out)... this makes a huge difference to the power and responsiveness of the vehicle"

I have not tried it myself (I'm not very mechanical), but if you do, please let us know how it went.

2002 Nissan Vanette Cargo 2.3 diesel from UK and Ireland


Never again


Power steering leak, expensive repair.

Bonnet catch broke.

General Comments:

Seriously under powered, gutless, very thirsty, very noisy on the road, making the journey unpleasant. Avoid motorways at all costs, you will regret it if you don't. Watch the petrol gauge drop as you try to accelerate.

Good load space, handy two sliding doors, pretty reliable and not too complicated. They depreciate like crazy, and before you know it, they are worth nothing.

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Review Date: 11th August, 2011

2002 Nissan Vanette Cargo LD23 diesel from UK and Ireland


Good van, does the job well


My drive shaft was replaced at 64000 miles.

Seat wear.

General Comments:

Great van; a big treat after driving an LDV Pilot.

Drives well around town, as it's slim and a good view.

Solid bodywork; yes, plan to keep it for as long as possible!

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Review Date: 23rd October, 2010

1996 Nissan Vanette Cargo 2.3L diesel from UK and Ireland


Clutch hose sprang a leak and lost the fluid - £15 and 10 minutes to fit it - away we went.

Thermostat broke (meaning no heater); £12 and 20 minutes later it was lovely and warm.

Rear spring shackle bushes were worn out when I got it (and missed by the MOT station); only £40 a set from Nissan, and took an hour to fit.

Everything is easy to get at on this van. Once you have removed a trim panel, tipped the seats up and taken the floor out...

General Comments:

This is generally a good reliable van. A relation uses one in his lawnmower repair business, and it has spent most of its working life towing trailers and fully loaded.

So I bought one!

They are very reliable if a little noisy and under-geared for motorway use. However if you are happy to follow lorries and not try to overtake them, fuel economy is reasonable at around 25MPG.

Just watch out for worn rear spring shackle bushes which make the van hop around the road under acceleration/braking.

A broken thermostat is common, but only takes 25 minutes to fix!

Cabin noise can be vastly reduced by fitting old household carpet under the rubber floor covering and in the rear load space. Also fit a decent radio.

Gearboxes and drivetrain are a bit clunky, but unbreakable.

Watch out for rust in the sills and behind the front wheel where the wishbone bolts to the chassis, as this can be terminal.

Easy to service and maintain.

All in all a good workhorse - a proper 'donkey' van that does what you want, even if overloaded a bit, it will still get you there - and back again!

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Review Date: 8th May, 2010