1998 Nissan Vanette Cargo cargo lwb 2.3 diesel from UK and Ireland


Good mid sized van


Brake Servo Failed.

General Comments:

Having worked within the motor industry for a lenght of time, I was aware of the reliability of Japanese vehicles.

The Vanette Cargo is not the Quickest vehicle around and certainly not at home on a Motorway, however they are a honest work horse that returns 33 mpg when driven sensibly.

I have found the Parts to be Expensive if purchasing from a main Dealer, However try ebay and your local LDV CUB (its appears to be the same vehicle, but badged LDV CUB) dealer.

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Review Date: 19th December, 2006

16th May 2007, 18:57

This comment seems to be dead right ie mpg. Being a light van, I thought it might get a lot more mpg.

1998 Nissan Vanette Cargo GL 1.75 from Sri Lanka


Cheaper option

General Comments:

Good performance, but lack the comfort.

Road clearance is too low for rural roads. Controlling is not so good over 60 kph speeds. Hood is made out of cheap very thin iron plate.

Safety is minimum for the front people.

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Review Date: 6th April, 2004

2000 Nissan Vanette Cargo 2.3d from UK and Ireland


A cheap van, but you would soon get to know the dealer very well


6000 miles rocker gasket leaked and oil made its way to clutch and then clutch started to slip.

7000 miles fan blower for interior had to be replaced.

11000 miles rocker gasket leaking again.

28000 miles drive shaft fell off.

32000 miles 8 bushes had to be replaced in back suspension.

39000 miles breather cap went causing oil to leak.

General Comments:

No power for a 2.3d engine had a Toyota lite-ace 1.8d engine and performed way better. Funny noise off fan belt all the time.

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Review Date: 22nd October, 2002

1997 Nissan Vanette Cargo P3 2.3 diesel from Hungary


After the first 15000 kms the differential had a very strange noise (The partly self-locking diff wasn't filled up with the correct amount, and make of oil). The dealer fixed it, but it only needed a week and it started from the beginning (they should have changed it, but they are still messing around, with strange ideas).

We also had problems with the gearbox as well. It was very hard work to get it in the gear you wanted. The dealers (because I have tried 3 different) appeared to be awful.

We also found these dealer services awfully expensive. I'm a car mechanic. I'm working with Alfas, Lancias, Fiats. I know that even these sporty Italian cars are a lot cheaper to service (roughly a third).

But the engine is the best part of the Vanette (2.3 naturally asp. Diesel). Stronger than expected, reliable, low on fuel, like a dream come true.

I think the only reason I will never buy a Nissan again is the dealers. It's a pity.

General Comments:

A useful, large vehicle, with a good engine. The optional rear seats are less comfy for longer distance, than the front ones. It can carry 1000 kgs without a problem. The most fantastic thing is, that even full loaded it only needed 7.5 litres/100 kms (average speed around 100km/h).

If you have one, do NOT take it to original dealers!! They are worth nothing. I am going to do it by myself.

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Review Date: 7th February, 1999

16th Oct 2004, 16:38

I also own a "P" Reg Vanette Cargo. I find it extremely good for towing and when in traffic jams due to the very low first and second gears. You can put it in first gear; take your foot off the throttle and relax. This vehicle will then dawdle at the same speed as the stationary traffic. That's amazing. No more good points, but that same very low gearing makes this van very noisy and very thirsty at anything over 45mph. The next big issue is the extortionate cost of parts. Gear linkage cables and air intake hose prices take the biscuit here. Would I buy another? Definitely NO.

6th Apr 2005, 12:10

I own since 1999 a secondhand Vanette from 1996, and had no problems with the van until this year. Then the problems really started. I had to overhaul the engine, which set me back around €3000, and in less than 3 weeks time I had a short-circuit, which caused a fire under the hood. When I went to the dealer to ask him about repairs, he said it would be waste of time, and the cost would be too high.

I then decided to fix it myself, but could not get a maintenance manual from the dealer. Is there anyone who has this manual, and could inform me? refra@refra.nl

31st Jul 2010, 02:47

Did you find a service manual? I am also looking for a manual.

3rd Sep 2011, 00:33

There is no service manual available, unfortunately!

24th Sep 2011, 15:35

1st Feb 2012, 06:04

Does anybody know the best engine oil to run it on, specifically just the weight?

Also, has anyone had any problems with the gear linkages?