2000 Nissan Vanette Cargo 2.3L diesel from UK and Ireland


A great van, a little heavy on the diesel, normally reliable, and liable to skid


Has been an excellent third hand (maybe more) vehicle.

Previous reviews I've read talk about some of the problems that have occurred with this S180 G van, but a persistent problem has appeared after it was left not started for 10 weeks. The problem is the van will start and drive for a day, or maybe 2 even 3, with no sign of trouble after such a time, but WHEN the ignition is switched off and back on again, the engine turns without trouble, but WILL NOT START. Then in trying to restart, the air intake is opened, starter spray is then sprayed into the air intake while turning the engine; it sometimes starts with a GREAT struggle, and other times doesn't start for days.

What IS the problem? Please help...

General Comments:

A good working van with a fair size engine. Not fast, but strong.

A little uncomfortable to drive for long periods, the engine is hard to get to, the reverse light is not bright, and this van is also liable to skid with or without load.

If careful it's safe and easy to drive, and can be cold as it's a large space to heat, but should have been made with low profile and wide wheels.

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Review Date: 4th February, 2016

23rd Aug 2016, 13:23

1. Check the cheapest thing first - Next to the air filter, beneath the passenger seat, you will see what looks like a 'throttle body' - this is actually an emissions control device that shuts off air to the engine on overrun to lower CO levels - this also operates the EGR valve. Anyway you will probably find that the 'butterfly flap' inside is sticking in the closed position and starving the engine of air - giving starting problems. A new vacuum unit would remedy this, but much better it to remove the linkages to the 'throttle body' and somehow fix it into the open position (I used a bit of fuel hose to wedge it open). While you are at it, remove the vacuum connection to the EGR valve - I removed it completely and made a blank out of a 2p coin - yes you read right. If you do this you get better economy, acceleration and a top speed of 95 mph plus if your engine is good. MOT emissions will still be OK as an indirect injection engine gives better emission levels anyway.

2. Check the fuel filter.

3. Next cheapest thing - Check the ignition switch for wear - as this can cause intermittent problems.

4. Test the heater plugs.

I'm sure that once sorted you will love this uncomplicated and reliable van.

1999 Nissan Vanette Cargo 2.3 from UK and Ireland


Basically the Nissan Vanette is a good alround small van, cheap to buy, cheap to run, but not really


I lost the master key, and was told after market keys don't always work. So I bought one from the Nissan dealer for £195.

Driver's seat base has split on the off side.

The paint on the door is all scratched where the seat belt flies back when unlocked.

I've got through 2 sets of heater plugs, but that's the only thing that's ever gone wrong with engine.

The engine RPM seems too high for the speed the van is travelling at. It almost feels as if it should have a 6 speed gearbox.

When doing anything more than about 50 mph, it's almost impossible to hold a conversation with the passenger for engine noise.

All the plastic trims have broken by the loading doors; should have been made of aluminium.

General Comments:

As far as load carrying capacity, apart from 1 metre cubes, I think I could get more stuff in my old Mondeo estate car, and I didn't need a permit with the car to go to the local tip, to get rid of house hold waste (which really does annoy me)!!!

I like the ride height, it feels as if you're high up in a truck, but you are not.

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Review Date: 5th March, 2012