2001 Peugeot 206 LX 1.4


A car thief's dream


My first doubts about the car emerged when the clutch broke almost straight away and had to be replaced. There is also an awful lot of rattling going on inside the console (unfixable).

More worryingly, the car has been broken into by bending the top of the passenger door back (bare handed) reaching in and unlocking the door. This would have taken less than a couple of minutes. The Police and car body shop tell me this is a very common way of breaking into 206 and that they see this "all the time". The garage demonstrated the ease in which this can happen by simply bending the door roughly back into shape by hand. Peugeot on the other hand have no knowledge of this and refuse to acknowledge the manufacturing fault.

I would certainly not recommend anyone to buy this make of car. I would certainly not have considered it had I known of this fault.

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Review Date: 11th November, 2002

29th Sep 2003, 02:48

My 206 GTI has very dodgy central locking. it refuses to lock most of the time, and when it does and I dead lock it, I have returned to the car and it's open. this has happened several times now. it took it to an independent auto electric place, they can find no fault in the doors, although it was faulting. it is the component which operates the locking which is faulty. it's now in with Peugeot as we speak. I believe that this chap locked his car and there is a serious fault with Peugeots parts.

29th Jul 2015, 18:22

I have seen Fords broken into this way. Lots of cars suffer from this weakness. It's all about how light they can make the car in areas not needed for the safety test: strong impact bar, weak glass frame. Also if it bends easily here, it has less chance of jamming shut in an accident.

2001 Peugeot 206 CC 2.0


Stop making the 206cc until it works


The only thing that we have had a problem with is the roof. The car has been into the garage 9 times in less that 4 Months, sometimes for nearly a week at a time.

Apparently numerous parts have been changed and the latest part to be changed was the controller and surprise, surprise roof worked for one day. Peugeot UK intend to do nothing about this and just keep saying their only responsibility is with fixing the car which they can obviously not do.

Dealer is trying his best, but cannot come up with fix. Have requested car be changed and dealer says speak with Peugeot, and guess what Peugeot say speak to the dealer.

General Comments:

An expensive standard 206 car.

Peugeot obviously do not care about the satisfaction of there customers.

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Review Date: 24th October, 2002

2001 Peugeot 206 GTi 2.0


Peugeot Mechanics S Hall Rubbish


Received the car brand new - no problems.

At 4,000 miles indicator stalk did not function - Waited three weeks for replacement and no replacement vehicle had been provided by S Hall Motors Tran mere.

5,000 Miles car received an interim service - Brakes screech after service and steering unresponsive.

Car was returned to S Hall dealer and adjustments where made. Steering sorted out - brake squeal continued. The report given back from S Hall was that compound of brakes have been changed and this was something that could not be rectified/

12,000 miles Engine rattle at 2,500rpm and above - The fault had been diagnosed as the catalytic converter needed a part? Three week waiting time. On top of this I have asked them to sort out the screech on brakes. The car was given back and tried to drive away from forecourt - virtually no brakes. Even though pumping the brake pedal, it did not make a difference. The car was checked again - 15 minutes later the car was returned mentioning everything was sorted. When I returned to my vehicle the same problem was still there.

One of the mechanics came to the vehicle and stated that nothing was wrong with the brakes and it was normal to have your foot literally millimeters away from the foot well.

I would not accept the car back and it is now currently with S Hall motors being looked at again.

General Comments:

This is a very good vehicle to own.

Be carefull which dealership you use due to the skills of the mechanics.

Caledonia have been excellent to use.

S Hall are probably the worst after sales dealers I have ever experienced.

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Review Date: 23rd October, 2002