Metro Si 1.4

Lots of fun, not very safe, big image problem

84 words

Metro GTi MPi 1.4

Cheap fun which is ultra reliable

90 words

Metro 1.1S 1.1 petrol

Great Cars to drive, just watch those arches!

211 words, 2 comments

Metro 1.1S 1.1

Comfortable, reliable and economical

316 words

Metro L 1.1 petrol

Beautiful little ride, Well done Rover!

111 words

Metro 1.1C 1.1

Super little car

122 words

Metro 100 1.1

If you have a good one keep it

75 words

Metro 1.1c with mods 1.1

A great first car that is better than the rivals of the same year!

268 words

Metro 1.1S 1.1

Fun to drive car with a tendency to dissolve

193 words

Metro L 1.1

A cheap fun drive!

174 words

Metro Quest 1.1 petrol

Simplicity at a very low price!

181 words, 1 comment

Metro Impression 3-door 1.1 petrol

It is so damn good, my next car has got to be a brand new one to justify a change!

104 words, 5 comments

Metro GTi 1.4 16v

Could have been one of the greats!

90 words, 1 comment

Metro GTi 16V MPI 1.4 16V

A very underestimated car

115 words, 14 comments

Metro 1.1s 1.1 petrol

79 words