roadster Light 0.7

Drive one and you'll try to find a reason not to buy it!!

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roadster 0.7

Will buy another. Shame they stopped making them

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roadster 698cc turbo

Brilliant handling, gorgeous looking sieve!

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Sold my CLK Cabrio, bought this, and have never for a moment regretted it

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roadster 0.7 80bhp

Nippy, suprisingly quick and good value, which means the pros outweigh the cons

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roadster 0.6

The most fun I've had in ages

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roadster Coupe 700cc turbo


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roadster Brabus Coupe 101 698

Awesome fun to drive, a nightmare to own

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Fantastic, affordable fun

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roadster 80 700

Fun going and fun coming back

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roadster 0.8

Everything a Roadster should be and more

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roadster 698cc

Great car, poor dealers

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