21st Sep 2009, 20:17

I am totally in LOVE with my Roadster. Yes, I am expecting water ingress; yes, I had to adjust my driving style for the gearbox. But, I am a realistic driver... mainly because my first car was an MG Midget. Back then, it took me ten minutes to put up or take down the roof - my Smart takes me six seconds with a press of a button, even on the move! The power of this little car is just great, and the smile on my face when I arrive at the end of my forty minute daily commute is very wide, even when I have to almost crawl out of the car upon arrival, so low is the vehicle to the ground.

I have driven the car for 200 miles on motorways and been glad to arrive. It is NOT a grand tourer! But, for having fun at legal speeds, nothing affordable can beat it.

Become an owner only if you are prepared to get involved with your car, to know the foibles and the necessary cures. There are plenty of helpful, companionable clubs and forums on the net.

Become a Roadie! You know it makes sense! :D.

13th Nov 2009, 10:15

I have owned my '06 roadster for 6 months now, and yes it leaks in heavy rainfall. It seems to leak where the seal on the electric roof meets the tridion at the rear on each corner. I removed the carpet from under the seats so I just mop it up when needed.

I've had the full re-map, upgraded all the turbo pipes and brakes, installed an induction kit and a Janspeed exhaust. The remap has drastically improved gear change and the rest just enhances that raw driving experience we all buy these lil deuce coupes for.

As for the Fiesta comments, I actually traded my ST in for one of these after a guy in a Brabus roadster stayed with me from a 0-60 at the lights! I was catching flies for the next mile :o.

27th Mar 2010, 16:11

We have an 03 roadster, which we purchased as a part ex with only 750 miles on the clock. The previous lady owner was too big for it.

Yes it leaks in two places, which I'm doing myself.

The wiper motor packed up after 55000 miles, so I replaced at a cost from Merc of 117 quid, takes 15 minutes.

Our longest journey to date was down to Empuriabrava in Spain for a 5 day driving fun. If you ever get down that way, do the Rosas-Cadaques, this is roadster road deep deep joy. Serious fun to be had chasing 911's pre 0700 in the bus lane up to Brixton.

If it's got four wheels and was built in the last 25 years, I've driven it, and I have to say the roadster is the only reason I am able to put up with the c--p this goverment is handing out.

27th May 2010, 11:38

I bought a Smart Brabus Roadster Xclusive 3 weeks ago.

It's an incredible drive. I changed from a Golf V5 2.3L super fast car to this 0.7L turbo, which is way more fun and takes half the fuel to do the same driving routines.

Tax down from £250 to £90. Great.

It leaves you breathless, and the Brabus tuning and equipment makes for fast gear shifts and 0-40 in 4 seconds...

Gabe :)

29th Dec 2010, 07:02

As what was mentioned in a previous post. Only buy one of these cars if you like to get involved with your cars. If you have no knowledge of how cars behave differently to one another, or haven't a clue how to do even the basics of maintenance on a car, then you should avoid unless you have very deep pockets for paying other people to carry out even simple jobs. I believe there will be plenty somewhere along the line when you own one of these cars.

Other than that, make sure you read up as much as you can on this model to really know where the problems occur, and what may be coming up in the near future with it. I have had my car for 3 weeks, and found just after I arrived home from a car dealer that I bought it from, that it had broken air con pipes (very common failure with these roadsters), so now I am trying to persuade a reluctant dealer (Non Mercedes/Smart) where I had purchased the car from to stump up the cost for repairs.

Other than that, I loved the drive, the look, the economy, and just for it being so different from the norm. Mine is a 2005 Jack black colour all over, which looks amazing... Shame I couldn't afford a Brabus version, which looks even more beautiful in the design department. When you see one in the flesh, most people would probably say WOW! Anyway, I hope this helps the undecided people out there.

24th Feb 2011, 15:59

Yes these cars can leak - but they're cureable. We've had our 2004 reg Roadster since almost new. We still have it now, and it's been dry for the past 4 years.

Persistence pays dividends - as do the leak fixes at the Smart-Roadster specialist website www.theroadster.net

16th May 2012, 03:56

The gear box is only slower if you use it in Auto. If you use the gears manually, they should not be slow at all, as long as you use it like an ordinary geared car.

I love driving my roadster.

21st May 2012, 09:23

I bought my Smart 05 after getting fed up filling up my SLK. I love the car, which is so much fun to drive.

I became suspicious when the car kept smelling like a wet dog; under the passenger seat there was enough water to fill a bath (a bit of a exaggeration). At the moment I'm still trying to dry it out. It seem to be leaking from the seal above the driver's seat. Any help to fix would be great; I'm a female, so clueless.


8th Jan 2013, 14:43

Hi, you mentioned that you fixed the water leak in the roof (I'm guessing you had a soft top). How did you fix it, as I have a big leak problem, which causes water to fall onto the carpet behind the seats. Thanks.

24th Jan 2013, 09:08

Try one of the online forums (Smartz, Smartmaniacs or Theroadster.net) or try evilution.co.uk. They all talk endlessly about leaks and have some recommendations for fixes.

Also watch out for how you put the roof bars back. The last time I had big time water ingress problems, was when I squashed the seal/gutter at the rear of the nearside roofbar so it couldn't collect and disperse water coming off the roof (the car was new to me then - learned my lesson).

Oh, and leaks and any other faults aside, it's the most fun car I've driven in years, so I'd forgive it almost anything.