Frontera 2.3

Great Family hauler, will go for miles

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Frontera sport i 2.0

At this moment I would say fair

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Frontera sport 2.0i

Brilliant, cheap, tough, reliable, but slow

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Frontera sport 4x4 2.0I

OK for 4x4 but I also have a calibra for speed

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Frontera Sport 1.9i

Would like to try a younger model, seems very slow, but could be age and high miles

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Frontera 2.3 TD

A great work horse

60 words

Frontera Sports 2.0i

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Frontera Lwb 5 door 2.4i petrol

95 words, 2 comments

Frontera 2.4i (5-door) 2.4 petrol

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