Nova SRi 1.4

The most fun you will have on four wheels at a reasonable price

83 words, 7 comments

Nova SX 1.2i

Excellent little car with big attitude

81 words, 1 comment

Nova Merit + 1.2i petrol

Economical, performs well for engine, a winner

60 words

Nova SRi 1.4

Pocket rocket, a real bargain

121 words

Nova Swing 1.2i petrol

Nice little runner that has potential

45 words

Nova SXi 1.2i

An excellent choice for a first car, I highly recommend it!

105 words, 1 comment

Nova Spin 1.2 injection

A fantastic buy if you buy carefully - avoid Boy Racer wrecks

92 words, 2 comments

Nova Merit+ 1.5 turbo diesel

Fast and economical hatch

48 words

Nova SR 1.4 petrol

A flop in the pulling arena

44 words

Nova SRi 1.4i petrol

A sound car worth every penny!

24 words

Nova SRi 1.4i petrol

20 words

Nova GSi 1.6i petrol

33 words

Nova 1.2i petrol

24 words

Nova NovaVan 1.5 diesel

94 words, 5 comments

Nova Flair 1.2i petrol

102 words