1993 Vauxhall Nova NovaVan 1.5 diesel from UK and Ireland



General Comments:

I have had this car for just over a year now, and it has been superb.

For a diesel it seems extremely quick!!

I have lowered the vehicle, colour coded bumpers & wingmirrors, also a nice set of alloys.

This car looks and performs superbly.

I can get about 300 miles out of £10 worth of fuel.

This car, I would recommend to anybody - although insurance is VERY COSTLY. For the average 19-22 year old this car will cost cost around £950 - £1400 third party fire & theft in the UK.

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Review Date: 13th December, 1998

15th Mar 2001, 06:57

No way did you get 300 miles out of £10 of petrol.

18th Apr 2001, 06:35

It is diesel not petrol so you can.

5th Sep 2001, 20:29

You got ripped off big time on your insurance :O.

I've got a highly modded SR (lowered, 15" alloys, stainless zorst, K&N, GSi skirts, GTE rear bumper "flick" etc etc...),and it only cost me £250 to insure last year at the age of 21! It gone up now to £320 but only 'cos I've fitted a nice big Weber carb :)

Try a specialist insurance company, and join the PNG to get a further discount! (PNG = Performance Nova Group)

22nd May 2003, 11:46

300 miles to £10 is still about 130 mpg. Absolutely impossible.

12th Aug 2006, 07:31

I filled my nova TD to the neck, did exactly 100 miles and couldn't get £4 back into it.

1993 Vauxhall Nova Flair 1.2i petrol from UK and Ireland


Apart from new front tyres and exhaust (general wear and tear) nothing has gone wrong with it. Very reliable.

The flame red paintwork has faded slightly on the roof though, which seems to be a common complaint with red Novas.

General Comments:

The Nova is a wondeful little car. I like the styling, especially on the later models such as mine. K Reg examples are much nicer to look at than the Corsa. My 1.2i engine is smooth but lacks power - although it can be quite nippy if you plonk your foot down. Interior is pleasant and reasonably comfortable, although it lacks gadgets.

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Review Date: 26th September, 1998