1993 Vauxhall Nova SRi 1.4 from UK and Ireland


The most fun you will have on four wheels at a reasonable price


The fuel pump seized.

General Comments:

The car is seriously underestimated, it's fast, cheap and reliable. What more could anyone want?

I have been a Nova fan for five years and in that time I have had three...yes there that good!

My only dream is that Vauxhall would reproduce the Nova. As this is never going to happen you have to get out there and buy one now as they are now a bit long in the tooth and are beggining to show there age.

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Review Date: 21st May, 2003

27th Apr 2006, 09:58

The corsa is the revised nova.

28th Apr 2006, 11:06

Yes the Corsa B is realy a Nova in a modern shell, same underpinings, and the Nova was called a Corsa in Europe, that's why when we got our first Corsa it was called Corsa B. The Corsa had 16v engines too, so you could say there is a 16v Nova!

12th Jul 2006, 18:24

The Vauxhall Nova 1.4 SRi. This is THE 1.4 to have. Good performance for an 8v, central locking, electric windows, very cheap to insure, etc.

The sound with a K&N makes my hair stand on end when you boot it. Yet this 13 year old 8v motor is destroying my friends 05 Corsa Exclusiv 1.4 "twinport" in every gear, and Saxo VTRs don't stand a chance neither. What a brilliant all rounder for your first car.

This is without question better than a Corsa, Vauxhall should have continued developing this car instead of the Corsa.

These cars are also getting very rare, so grab a good one whilst you can before some boy racer wants 2k for his SRi with blacked out windows. Nova's Rule.

15th Jul 2006, 06:05

I own a Nova SRi. Ultimate first car or collecters item. I got mine clean, never been boyraced and this is how it stays, but when you need a bit of power, its all there!!!

17th Oct 2006, 13:17

Its true, the nova SRI is probably the rarest out of the nova hot hatch's. I would like to own one now. Great 1.4i 82 BHP motor.

8th Feb 2007, 04:47

Novas are brilliant. My Dad has had one and my boyfriend; you can't get a more reliable car! They look really smart and you can do anything to them. I would recommend a GSI if you can find one. They are rare and cheap, but like gold dust x.

27th Feb 2007, 12:49

I would rather have the 205 XS as it also has a 1.4 engine, cheap insurance and due to it being lighter than its GTi brother's could reach 60 in 9 seconds.That's only 3 tenths of the 1.6 GTi, but about 4 groups insurance less.

That's the best choice personally.

1993 Vauxhall Nova SX 1.2i from UK and Ireland


Excellent little car with big attitude


Rear exhaust pipe, tyres, bulbs.

Driver and passenger doors rusting, although this was cheap to repair.

General Comments:

I have had my SX for over 7 years, with no major problems.

An excellent car to drive, performs well considering the 1.2i engine.

I have only had to call out receovery services twice in 7 years due to non start in damp weather.

Cheap to run, insure and tax.

I will be sorry to see it go, I am changing to a Corsa soon.

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Review Date: 13th April, 2003

7th Jan 2006, 08:08

I've had novas, great cars, especialy my 1.6 GSi turbo. I saw a nova with SXi badge once, is this a 1.2 with multipoint injection, dull question I know.

1993 Vauxhall Nova Merit + 1.2i petrol from UK and Ireland


Economical, performs well for engine, a winner


Nothing has gone wrong with the car as yet, but it's still early days.

General Comments:

Accelerates well from 60-80mph.

Sometimes has a little trouble from 0-30 in first before it has warmed up.

Handles nicely. Very light considering it's not power steering.

I only use Shell Optimax petrol at 79.9p per liter, and still manage to get 7.5 pence per mile.

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Review Date: 3rd March, 2003

1993 Vauxhall Nova SRi 1.4 from UK and Ireland


Pocket rocket, a real bargain


I went to get a new exhaust put on just the other day, and the mechanic found that my fuel injection pump was hanging off (rubber mountings had worn), and I also had a fuel leak (fuel line had corroded).

Lights behind the dash for the heaters do not work.

General Comments:

I've had the car for 3 weeks now and I am very pleased with the cars looks, reliability (up to now), performance and handling.

I've already replaced the exhaust and air filter for performance items which make a big improvement to the sound of the car, and it feels more responsive when I put my foot down. Next I'm planning on getting it lowered and fitting a set of 16" alloys.

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Review Date: 16th September, 2001