V40 cdt 1.8 turbo petrol injection

Great alrounder, Towes more than 4t. At130mph I get 33mpg, How cool is that?

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V40 CD 2.0 petrol

Feels a bit more classy than a Vauxhall, but no performance

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V40 1.8

Should have been a step up, instead an expensive folly

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V40 T4 CD 1.9

Sensible car, mental performance

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V40 CD 2.0 Lt

A safe, reliable, and very comfortable car

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V40 CD 1.9 turbo diesel

Very comfortable mile muncher

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V40 T4 CD 1.9 turbo

Sensible aethsetics - but manic driving

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V40 SE 2.0 petrol

A practical high class tourer

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V40 T4 CD 1.9 turbo

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