2001 Acura 1.7 EL Premium 1.7 VTEC from North America


It's much more than a Civic


Nothing has gone wrong with the car so far. It currently has 47000 kilometers, and runs like new.

The only negative point would be the stock tires; they have worn out rather quickly, and are going to need replacement soon.

General Comments:

I chose this car over the Honda Civic, because in Canada, the 4 door Civic did not come with a VTEC engine until 2004. At that time, the only 4 door VTEC available was the EL. In the US, Honda offered a comparable Civic EX.

The EL drove quieter than the Civic, and had many econo-luxury features, such as keyless entry with trunk release, leather, heated seats, power sunroof, 15" alloy wheels, 4-wheel disc brakes (a big plus), more sound deadening, and much more.

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Review Date: 13th October, 2004

2004 Acura 1.7 EL from North America


The Honda Civic and Acura EL are excellent, extremely reliable cars


Minor brake squeaking.

General Comments:

Although extremely reliable, responsive and well-built, there really is no difference between this vehicle and the Honda Civic EX (except, of course, the price). The Acura EL is almost entirely identical to the Honda Civic, except for the steering wheel and pseudo-wood furnishings. Both vehicles use the same mechanics.

That said, the car is still a VERY good car. It should appeal to those looking for an economy car with a luxury name and leather seats. To the rest of us, the car stands out for what it really is: a higher priced Honda Civic with the Acura label.

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Review Date: 1st September, 2004

20th Sep 2004, 21:09

The Acura EL has the Honda Civic Si engine and not the engine of the EX. Concretely, 30% of the parts of an EL are different from those of the Honda Civic. These are the facts.

4th Oct 2004, 23:21

30% different parts may be a stretch, but what isn't a stretch is the difference between the cars. I drove both the high level Civic sedan and the Acura EL Premium and I went with the EL. Yes it does have Air with Auto climate control, Leather interior, keyless entry and alarm with no trunk keyhole (one less thing to rust). It feels more solid, more quiet... more car. $2,500 more is debatable, but it was enough of a difference for me. It might be an Acura wannabe, but hey it still is an Acura ehr Honda...whatever. I'm glad I chose the EL.

2002 Acura 1.7 EL EL 1.7 from North America


Well built quality car


Nothing has gone wrong with the car as of yet. All so far has been scheduled maintenance.

General Comments:

-Smooth and quiet running.

-Good on gas.


-Great handling.

-It isn't really a fun car to drive, for transportation/comfort is definitely does the job.

-A little pricey for what you get, but if it keeps itself out of trouble it's well worth it (2+ years and still going well)

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Review Date: 27th February, 2004

24th Aug 2007, 01:33

I actually own an 2003 1.7 EL, and I purchased it brand new back in 2003. I noticed the fuel gauge did not read properly and was faulty. I reported the problem and it was a defect; a needle/needles were missing in the gas gauge. They were replaced, but the problem reoccurred months later. They then replaced the entire gas gauge, resetting my odometer to zero when in actuality it was at 30,000 (they had to do this because they had to replace the cluster).

A few months later the same problem reoccurred; I would park and the gauge would be at half a tank full. I would return to the car hours later and start the car, only to find the gas indicator at Empty and the gas tank light on! Or; I would be driving and all of a sudden within the span of half a block (in about one second), the gas gauge would drop from above half a tank full to Empty, leaving me no time to find a gas station. I again reported this problem to my dealer, (whom did not care) and told me to track mileage. If I wanted to track the mileage I wouldn't have bought a new car in the first place. Despite this fact, I did it anyway and even after tracking it, I got stranded! Being a young woman, this is extremely dangerous, because the 'Empty' indication can come on at any given time, not leaving me much time to find a gas station. The night I got stranded it was fairly late at night; I was all alone, with no cell phone with me, and only a quarter (25 cents) with me, which I used to call a cab (that did not show up). I had to flag someone down on the highway to take me to a gas station (which is beyond dangerous).

I reported the problem to the Acura dealer again this year; they proceeded to replace the gas gauge without my authorization, resetting it from 38,000 km to 0. When I asked them why they did this without my permission, they stated; "Sell it now, you will get more money." I said, "This is an illegal action as it is deceptive." They stated; "No-one will find out." This was the Acura dealer Sales Manager whom stated this!

The problem reoccurred again within one month, and I reported the problem to Acura Canada Customer Service, who stated that they would perform several tests on the car, and provide me with a rental (car) of the same level during the time required. I was provided with a Hyundai Accent, and the tests took a month and a half. Relieved over the fact that I thought this problem had been resolved, and thinking it was worth driving a lower level car for the time period to get my car fixed, I was thankful. However, the results of the tests showed that nothing was wrong; this led me to wonder if they had even performed any tests on the car. They promised to take the car back if any problems occurred after this.

Ten days later the problem reoccurred. I was driving in a town about an hour away from my house, when in the span of half a block the gas gauge dropped from above half a tank to Empty, within the span of seconds, leaving me no time to find a gas station. Thankfully it was daytime, and I immediately called Acura, remembering what they had said; however, they completely recanted their previous words, and stated there was nothing they could do.

Less than one week later I followed up with the Acura customer service, and asked to speak with a supervisor; they dismissed me and told me to talk to the local dealership whom I had been dealing with. I called the local dealership and they stated, "I don't care, we have washed our hands clean of this."

BUYERS; BEWARE of this problem, and of the lack of support from ACURA CANADA! If you want to contact me or follow up regarding this story, please email me at jboga@canada.com

Thanks, I have invoices from Acura, friends, and other witnesses who have seen this problem occur firsthand!

17th Dec 2009, 08:51

I have a question. How do you change the time/clock on a 2003 Acura 1.7 EL? Thank you!

31st Dec 2012, 00:30

Sounds to me like a lot of subsequent exaggeration resulting from an unpleasant experience with the car/dealer.

Stranded at night on the highway, no phone, only a quarter for a taxi call, only to be stood up - what, no vampire or axe murderer?

A dealer employee encouraging her to attempt to sell the car for a premium after the odometer has been zeroed? I don't think so.

An isolated claim about a fuel gauge isn't enough to tarnish Honda's well-earned reputation.

11th Apr 2014, 14:33

2002 Acura 1.7 EL Touring 1.7 from North America


The EL unites luxury, performance and economy in an attractive package


Regular maintenace to date.

General Comments:

This vehicle represents excellent value for money. The fit and finish flirt with perfection. The vtech engine is sporty and the transmission is crisp and precise. This is a classy little car. The Honda Civic is a great car. The Acura EL takes things up a serious notch.

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Review Date: 21st November, 2003

14th Jun 2006, 22:37

I personally own an Acura EL Premium.

It's a great small luxury, sportive and economic car.

I have an average of 8.5l/100km with rough city driving and 7 on high way at tolerated speed (110-115… and more).

I was able to got 6.3 at 100 once.

Original four season tires are very bad, and you should consider mags for summer and good winter tire for winter. ABS is quickly in, maybe too much, but I don't reach it use often.

Direction is very soft and has a lack of stiffness (more a girl car). The suspension is firm and handle well, but it's not sport feeling, since center of gravity is too high.

Honda pieces are easy to find.

Insurance cost is OK.

Reliability...?? I will see in few years.

Until now, only a little suspension noise, which have been covered by guarantee!

2003 Acura 1.7 EL Luxury 1.7 L4 I-VTEC from North America


Sweet sexy luxury


Nothing much.

General Comments:

Good on gas.

Efficient, nice, smooth.

The car is based on the Civic. But is a lot more LUXURIOUS.

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Review Date: 9th November, 2003