24th Nov 2009, 03:06

In the first half of the story, the gas was being read incorrectly (sounds like a fuel arm, which wasn't mentioned). In the second half of the story, the gas started disappearing - and gas doesn't just disappear.

It's very strange that someone is telling a story about a luxury brand like it's Chevrolet. Acura has a reputation in Canada (only place the EL is sold) and treat EL/CSX drivers just like they treat owners of MDXs, RLs and other pricey luxury cars.

My EL has been in a serious collision (and repaired, regrettably) and after 85,000 KMs the engine and transmission are as solid as ever (sadly not the rest of the car, the overall feel was never the same after $12k in repairs after being t-boned in the driver-side front fender).

Anyone who thinks the EL is fast, or even "quick" should try an Si :) And I don't mean the old Canadian "Si", I mean the 197 HP 2006+ Si :)

14th Feb 2011, 12:17

We have a 2002 1.7EL Premium that we bought new. It looks great, is comfortable, and we were happy with our purchase. It now has 155,000KM on it, which for a quality car I do not think is much. We take good care of it, drive conservatively, and do regular maintenance as scheduled. However, we have had many issues mainly in the last 2 years.

To name a few:

Tie rods changed twice.

Electrical issues (doors, windows no longer opening).

Some lights have not worked for a while, and they have not been fixed as dealer says it would be difficult and expensive (windshield washer low level - can't remember when it last worked, gear light indicator).

The latest? Leaking head gasket needing major re-machining work. The car has been at the dealer for 3 days now.

We are now starting to shop for a new car, and it will likely not be an Acura.

25th Mar 2013, 12:46

I have a 2001 1.7EL, which runs great, but having a few electrical problems... ABS light keeps coming on intermittently, dome light does not come on when driver door opens, cruise control light on does not work, and door lock switch does not work. It has 70K on it, and is not driven over 100kph.

28th Jan 2020, 05:41

What bulb did you change for the fog lights for the 2004 Acura EL?