2006 Acura CSX Premium 2.0 from North America


Acura CSX is a gas saver with enough power for a 4 cylinder car


Sun Nov 13, 2011 - I've owned this car since June 2011. Nothing major so far.

A/C gas was totally empty when I purchased it.

The transmission is jumpy.

The engine is noisy with slight shifter noise.

Leather is poor quality, scars easily.

The AC filter was filthy. Wear and tear.

What is worse is the wheel lock nut broke while I was changing the summer tires to winter. So I am stuck with just 1 winter rim on with 3 summer rims on a Sunday afternoon! I see on the forums that others with Acura are reporting the same problem with wheel lock nuts.

The paint quality is very poor.

General Comments:

I owned a Lexus GS400 - V8 (300HP) prior to purchasing this. It is fully loaded with leather, 6 CD MP3/CD player, AC, adjustable steering column, semi-automatic gears.

Compared to my wife's 2003 Toyota Corolla, this car is noisy. Has enough power for a 4cyl, but not enjoyable like a V8. My Lexus GS400 (V8) was costing me $600 per month on gas, but this car with the same traveling costs me around $180 per month, which is a money saver.

It takes all day for the Acura dealership to do oil change! So my Saturdays got wasted. So I started going to a walk-in lube station. Actually it made a huge improvement to my engine noise when I started going in to the walk-in lube station, as I can see what type of oil they were using. I think my local Acura / Honda dealership cheats by putting in very poor quality oil and filters.

The car has not given me any major problems, and my kids like it.

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Review Date: 13th November, 2011

20th Nov 2011, 11:47

Sunday, Nov 20, 2011 - Update on my review - The CSX now has 2 problems. On the highway it sways from side to side. It does not feel safe at all. I have 2 children and I don't need this. Also, while driving, there is a loud bumpy noise as if the tires are bad, although my tires are new. But I got my winter rims on, and still there is this bumpy noise while driving.

13th Mar 2013, 19:00

My wife drives a 2006 CSX, and I agree it's not the most super made car, as the leather is a touch poor, and the paint hasn't been amazing. But we have burned off two sets of tires in very short time and km on this car, and it had a recall for some rear suspension issues of camber etc., which produce worn inside rear tires, and what feels like a flat spot on the tire as you drive, which gets worse as you continue to put on the km.

The Acura dealer said they fixed the problem with connecting rods that were the issue, but a new set of tires... burnt off in a year. It looks from the back of car that the inside band of rubber on the tire on each side is wearing flat, so it will be bald on the inside only.

Now Acura is telling me they aren't responsible. It's a stock car, but they are recommending I pay for an aftermarket alignment kit to fix it. From what I know, Civics all have this issue too, or did.

4th Jun 2014, 17:47

Can you give us more information about the recall you mentioned (concerning the rear suspension and the worn tires), because I have the exact same problem, but I can't find any official information on this recall. I live in the Ottawa/Gatineau area. Thank you.

2006 Acura CSX Premium 2.0L from North America


Great concept, Poor execution


Power steering failed after 2000 km.

Wipers intermittent feature does not work.

Rust started after only 3 years.

General Comments:

This car is a nice concept, but shows poor execution.

The electric power steering failed after only 2000 km. The unit had to be replaced under warranty.

When you turn the wipers on in intermittent mode, the time between wiper cycles varies dramatically, even if your speed is constant.

The black window trim behind the rear passenger windows rusted through after only 3 years. $460 for parts and installation. NOT covered under warranty.

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Review Date: 5th April, 2010

5th Sep 2011, 02:26

Wow! I though I was the only one with rust on the rear window black trim... My car is a 2008, it's starting to rust from the inside of the black trim. The black trim is clean, intact, no chip nor scratches, in theory no bare metal. This sucks. Definitely no more Acura for me.