1987 Acura Integra from North America


Nice little car, still thinking about that baby


Nothing really, everything worked.

General Comments:

While working in Maui a few years ago, I bought the 1987 Integra automatic 2 door hatchback with pop-up headlights. It was repainted in kind of rough way.

Car had 260000 miles, and there was no issues whatsoever, it could go 90 miles/hr and had no problems with anything - transmission, steering, brakes - I could not believe it, and it was comfy for a tiny car.

I think I killed the alternator accidentally when the engine was running and I turned the ignition on - after that, the battery would not hold the charge.

The car was sold for a $100, and the repair ended up costing the guy like $800 or so.

Don't know if they make them the same way, probably not.

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Review Date: 31st January, 2011

1987 Acura Integra LX NA from North America


Reliable energizer bunny that won't quit on you


Has a really annoying habit of over heating.

Neutral safety switch needs to adjusted.

Seats and interior is starting wear badly.

General Comments:

This is my first car and is very fun to drive and is very reliable, it's my little energizer bunny.

This car is also pretty fast and is very comfortable to drive.

I love this car. I bought it for $500 and would buy another in a heartbeat.

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Review Date: 11th September, 2010

1987 Acura Integra LS 5 Speed from North America




Recently replaced the front suspension and front tires, new brakes/rotors all around, The A/C was gone, I brought it back by: Recharging the system and replacing the (defective) thermostatic switch which prevented the compressor from staying on. Now the A/C works fine. I remove rust when it occurs, keep the car waxed. Years back I put a new radiator in, new front axle, I keep it in good tune. Oh, I replaced the original radio two years ago. The car still runs well, is reliable and fun to drive.

General Comments:

I will drive it until it turns to dust OR, when parts are no longer available and it becomes impractible. It has been a long term project for me. And I have a great mechanic who has serviced the car for the last fifteen years.

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Review Date: 3rd September, 2006

1987 Acura Integra LS 1.6 gas from North America


The worry and money free performance car


Not much really. The only two things that have "gone out" on the car were the driver CV joint and the left front brake line while I was driving. I was mashing on the brakes to see what the "skid limit" was and ended up blowing out one of the front brake lines. Not necessarily unexpected given a 18 year old car at the time.

The brake lines were replaced by myself for $90 in parts plus time, and the cv joint boot was replaced once, then the whole CV joint recently for $60 plus labour. Really cheap!

Paint on hood and trunk faded badly. Sprayed the hood with a couple of cans of clear coat and it brought the colour back. Not a professional job, but looks better than the faded paint.

Rust above both rear wheel wells. Fixed it up with bondo and paint. Looks fine if you don't really stare at it. There is rust probably eating away at the under side of the doors, but I ignore it. All integras seem to be made of metal as thin as tin foil around those areas.

Leaks somewhere when it rains, there was a puddle behind the driver seat. Ended up cutting the carpet and drilling a hole in the floor pan to drain. I suspect a clogged sunroof drain or something, but I haven't found it yet.

Rear brakes have a bad habit of seizing. If you get work done on your brakes it's important that they use obscene amounts of brake grease on all the glide bins and the piston of the caliper to prevent seizing. Someone told me that they tend to seize if they sit around for awhile.

Door handle broke $40 part from auto wrecker.

Weird pulsation from body or wheel at speed.

General Comments:

Great city car that doesn't cost much to fix.

Most of the work I've done myself. Changing the brake pads are a lot easier than I expected, although I left the CV joint to someone else. A couple of pits in the windshield, but that's OK.

Starts every day with absolutely no problems. In the winter time the heat comes on really quickly, although the heat gauge never seems to rise past the 1/3 mark (1/2 is normal I think)

It doesn't like the bumpy roads very much as little bits start to rattle here and there, but I sort of expect that for a car that is nearly 19 years old. The shocks or struts are probably worn, but it would be too much work to replace them, the front ones seem easier than the back, but I'd rather live with the ride than mess with seized bolts or pay a mechanic $600 to fix them. In fact, I'd rather not mess with them, because if I set up a turn properly, I can corner with the best of them with what seems like absolutely zero body roll. When I do it right on the perfect pavement, it's an amazing feeling. No jarring motions, just a great carve. The little squeal from the tires are fun too!

The car rides 100% fine up to about 80-90k. Above 100, the wind noise is distracting, and the engine is a little buzzy.

Gas mileage is excellent for a car with 320k I get about 7-8l/100k. Better than a brand new Corolla, but not as good as an echo, however, there is no depreciation with this car.

There are days when I curse this car and wonder if I should get something more impressive, but there are more days where I think that I have the cheapest, funnest car that barely costs anything to repair and barely requires any work. Needs on average about $200 a year in odds and ends, including oil changes.

It has a computer that messes with the fuel injection and that's it. Nothing else to worry about. I don't even know if there's such thing as a check engine light on this thing.

I was considering getting a jetta, because it's trendy, but after seeing all the blue frowny faces, I'll reconsider. The 87 integras have all smiles and I"m one of them.

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Review Date: 21st May, 2006

22nd Oct 2007, 12:02

OP here.

As a follow up to my original posting.

The following winter I took a risky downhill trip on a steep hill with pretty bald tire unsuitable for the snow. I was doing pretty good until I decided to stop using the brakes and putting the car into gear.

With that change, the jarring broke the tires loose and I slid the front right tire into the curb pretty hard!

With that minor crash, heapdom started.

Alignment was off obviously, and the car started to ride horribly.

Eventually I bought the same model again, same year, colour, trim level, except with just 180k, and with fog lights and AC! Luxury.

As many good parts were switched as possible, and in the process, the 330k Integra's fan switch died somehow while removing the radio.

I sold the car, and a week after that the radiator hose blew, and a month or two later the rear brake lights went out. Go figure.

She did me good to the very end. Bought for $1150 three years later sold for $600 and upgraded to your better cared for twin for $1450.

Thanks for holding out baby.

I miss you dearly, but I have your better cared for twin to remember you by.