1995 Acura Integra 1.8L 140hp 90 torque from North America




Hard to remember...

Ya... the original clutch died at 270000km. Nothing wrong with that really.

Burns oil... ehhh, 300 000km... it's OK with me.


General problem with not just Integras, but all Honda's (models older than 1998); RUST if you are not careful...

FIX THE DAMN RUST when it starts!!!

General Comments:

The 1.8L of the Integra is one of the best inline 4s ever made due, to its fuel efficiency and extremely strong reliability.

140 hp, but a lack of torque.

The car is VERY VERY fast (for what it is) in between 4000 and 7000rpm.

But it has NO POWER WHATSOEVER between 1500 to 3500rpm, so you are somewhat forced to shift a bit higher.

I presently own a 2002 Elantra GT, and it runs great. The Integra is faster in first and second, but the Elantra will kill it as soon as you hit 3rd due to its torque (the Elantra is very strong between 1500 to 4000rpm).

Also, the Integra with 300 000km+ starts within seconds, even at -30.

Space in the back is horrible.

Heater + marshmallows = good.

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Review Date: 7th October, 2005

1995 Acura Integra GSR 1.8 B18C1 from North America


Reliable sporty rice rocket...


Ring gear separated from the flywheel @ 75000--kinda think this was a fluke or something the previous owner messed up.

90k tune-up is pricey.

General Comments:

Love the B18C1...this thing screams!!

I'm 6' 4" and it still is pretty darn comfortable for a small car.

Gas mileage rocks considering the performance...25-32 MPG.

Motor has never doubted me as far as reliability goes.

Starts in -35 temps.

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Review Date: 19th May, 2005

1995 Acura Integra Special Edition 1.8 Lt. from North America


Honestly one of the best cars I have owned


CV Joint replaced at 135000.

New radiator hose and a small leak on the clutch master cylinder.

Starter is being a little picky.

ABS sensor on front wheel is a bit messed up, but not a issue if you warm up the car.

General Comments:

Got his car after having a Audi A4 that was more hell then a car should be. I owned it for about a year and 1/2 before I got my current Toyota Land Cruiser. Acura has now been proven to me to be one of the best companys there is making cars. Cheap, reliable, and worth the money you put down on it unlike VW and Audi. You get what you pay for and more with Acura.

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Review Date: 21st February, 2005

1995 Acura Integra LS 1.8L Inline 4 from North America


Extremely reliable Acura that could use a few more horses


The shocks make noise when ever you go over any sort of bump. I was told that the shocks could have been worn out and I would have to drop $900 and get them replaced. I decided to for go that purchase. though I have not checked with the dealer to see if that's the problem the car runs great with the exception of that.

The air conditioner stopped blowing air so it needed a freon recharge, I'm told by people that this is a common problem in Integras.

General Comments:

The car runs great. great gas mileage, about 25 MPG. In LA you are very thankful of that.

I would like more power out of the motor. But it is only an in-line 4 so what can you expect. I would love if when I put my foot down that the car makes some sort of spin off the line.

I use the cars automatic transmission as a stick by starting out in 1 then 2 then D3 then D4.

I love how this car handles. I've gone threw many open lots and whipped this car around and theres no fish tailing. After analyzing the skid marks you can see the car gripped all the way.

The brakes are amazing! This car stops on a dime.

Watch pot holes. very low car. I hurt every time I go over one, because I don't want to mess my car up.

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Review Date: 1st February, 2005

23rd Sep 2005, 19:30

I also have the integra. I love that car. I have to say for a four banger its pretty fast. I got mine to 120 (I slowed down because I got scared) its just really slow off the line. by the way my car is fully stock.

9th Dec 2005, 01:20

I got mine to 145..my teg is fully stock too. just sport tires. nittos.