1995 Acura Integra RS 1.8L N/A from North America


Good bang for the buck and mpg


When I bought the car it was in super condition. The only problem I had was the gear shifter vibrated too much due to loose transmission mount. So I replaced it an excellent used one for $80CAD including installation.

General Comments:

This engine which is called a B18B1 has one of the highest HP/L stat for a naturally aspirated, non (v-tec, vvti) 4 cylinder engine in the world. The 142 horsepower this baby pumps out for a 1.8L 16V 4 cylinder engine is incredible. When I 1st added Mobil1 and 94 octane fuel this baby really flew. Add an intake, header and full exhaust you should be pretty satisfied with the value of this car.

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Review Date: 19th July, 2004

1995 Acura Integra Special Edition 1.8 from North America


Reliable sports car - can it be?


The rear tail-light gaskets started to leak into the trunk and had to be replaced.

The radiator had to be replaced. The plastic tends to crack on these radiators.

The master sleeve (for the clutch?) had to be replaced.

Interior plastic parts could have been made better.

General Comments:

Awesome car, very quick. I would have preferred the GSR engine though.

Reliability is the name of these Japanese cars.

Comfortable leather seats made it a pleasure to drive.

Handling/cornering was superb on this car.

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Review Date: 16th September, 2003

1995 Acura Integra LS 1.8 from North America


Over priced Ford Escort


1. Body covered with dings. Cheap metal. Repainted twice.

2. Air conditioning - 20,000 miles. Dealer couldn't/wouldn't fix. Blows warm air. Recharged with Freon.

Freon recharge at 60,000 miles.

Freon recharge at 80,000 miles.

3. Brakes

Replaced both sets of rear calipers and drums twice.

4. Exhaust heat shelf "fell off".

5. Transmission has a hardtime shifting.

6. Bad master cylinder at 88,000.

7. Drivers seat broken and wobbles.

8. Automatic antenae broke.

9. Water pump leaks.

General Comments:

What a wreck. Every car I have purchased has lasted 100,000 miles with no problem. This car is constantly in the shop. I thought Acura was a quality brand. I will stick with American.

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Review Date: 11th June, 2003

17th May 2004, 20:01

Another thing is how much did you pay? If you bought it for 500 dollars, then you got what you deserve. Cheap and fast cars are not that great. Great cars are not that cheap, and fast cars aren't cheap either. Next time think before you pay 500 dollars or so for a car, you could be buying someone else's problem.

26th Jan 2005, 17:45

Rear calipers and drums??? which is it? no rear drums on a vehicle equipped with four wheel disk breaks. You must be talking about your Ford Escort.

26th Jan 2005, 17:53

The problem is usually found between the wobbling seat and the steering wheel. It's a common problem in North America.

15th Jul 2005, 18:24

No point recharging you're a/c if you've got a leak.

16th Feb 2008, 22:01

I have a 95 integra and I absolutely love it!! I had a sunfire before and I had problem after problem, it was a 98. The only problem I have had with my integra in the past 2 years is a flat tire, and that's not the cars fault.

However, my car is starting to rust quit a bit, how do I fix this problem??? Anyone??

17th Feb 2008, 13:24

It depends on where it is rusting. Usually if it's rusting around the trunk area, you need to re-silicone the tail light.

10th Feb 2009, 01:40

I think this guy drove the Integra like it was a SUV. This is what happens when you are lazy and too cheap to maintain your car. Everything he describes needs to be fixed or changed. Water pump leaking, change it. Stiff shifting, need to add or change fluids. Keep getting warm air from AC, there's a leak and there's no drum brakes.

1995 Acura Integra LS 1.8 from North America


Reliable performance commuter


My master cylinder blew at 130,000 probably because I never changed the brake fluid since mile 1.

Oil stains began appearing around the gasket area at 70K, but not enough to drip.

My right rear wheel bearings had to be replaced due to pothole damage.

Tire noise got better after switching to Goodyears. Dunlop was OK too.

General Comments:

My dog loves hanging out in the cargo area with the backseats folded down.

The car handles like a Porshe.

I prefer the convenience of the automatic which lags a bit when racing or hard passing.

Approaching 140K, I am so happy with its performance and look forward to hitting 200K.

It is so reliable my little sister is waiting to inherit this car.

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Review Date: 2nd June, 2003