13th Oct 2001, 23:22

There's no way on earth a "Type R" will be competitive in any way to a Mustang GT or a Camaro Z28. Which are both debuting at 20 thousand dollar base prices. And are incredibly reliable, and thus are often driven for over 30 years without a hitch.

Spend 20 thousand dollars on completely ruining a Civic and then race a Mustang GT. Well, you'll still lose, but you won't be embarrassed. Except that your car is ugly and no longer gets competitive fuel efficency, plus the interior is ripped out for weight reduction. And everyone knows that you wasted all your money on it. While you get stomped into the ground by cheaper, more luxurious, better handling stocker competitors that get better fuel efficency anyway.

17th Oct 2001, 19:27

Over here, in the UK, we have the Integra Type-R too. Funnily enough we don't have the Mustang and the Z28 doesn't really sell. This is because fuel costs $6 a gallon and our roads are rough, narrow and have lots of bends including 'roundabouts'! The Mustang and Z28 don't stand a chance. Even on the drag strip, there isn't much in it apart from startline traction which gains them at least 3/4 second. As for reliability... everyone who has some automotive knowlege knows that Japanese cars are leagues ahead.

7th Feb 2002, 00:08

I have a 98 Integra LS (5 speed) with numerous mods and it is by far the best car that's on the market.. I don't care what anyone says... put my car up against a mustang...It'll blow the mustang off the road. Plus it's by far more reliable than a mustang or a camero.. red line every gear in a mustang or a camero for a few months... I promise you it won't last... red line an Integra for years, and it's still up and running with nothing wrong with it.. Oh yea...can you drive a mustang in the snow??? NOOO you can't...can you drive a camero in the snow??? NOOO you can't...can you drive an Integra in the snow??? YESSS... just did it a week ago, and let me tell you...didn't lose control once. Same in the rain too. I don't wanna hear anything else about mustangs and cameros being better than Integras... I have a response for everything... and when it comes to Integras, that's just my specialty... -Andrea K.-

9th Feb 2002, 19:11

You didn't comment on the Rx7 vs. Integra, why?

13th May 2002, 11:04

The RX-7 would be a few years older to be in that price range and more cost to repair, but as far as performance the RX-7 all the way.

25th May 2002, 20:09

The RX-7 is a great car when it comes to performance, and will outdo a Type R without much difficulty, however not many people feel like rebuilding their engine every 80k miles. I wanted an RX-7 at one point, then I met a few people who owned them. These things take thousands to maintain. Besides their reliability issues, however I would have to say they're one of the best sports cars ever made.

Type R is better for those people who do not want to invest lots of time and thousands of dollars into maintaining a super car. Not to mention the Type R mods are fairly inexpensive, and will perform miracles for the performance.

As for all you Mustang/Camaro fans, there's a reason why cars with 4.7 and 5.7 liter engines are so cheap. THEY DON'T LAST and THEY AREN'T THAT FAST. My lightly modded 300ZX TT has never been beaten by any American car, even when they're modded out. Hell, most Mustang owners refuse to race me; all they like to do is cruise and "look cool".

11th Jul 2002, 09:04

An Type-R is by far better than any Mustang GT or Camaro Z28. Think about it. Honda will outrun and outlast any domestic car. You're comparing a 1.8L to a 5.0L, 4.6L, and a 5.7L and the 1.8L will win every time.

I have a 1995 Honda Civic and I dropped a GS-R engine in there (with a couple mods) and I can dust Mustangs and Camaros like nothing because I've done it before. Like other people commented, when buying a car like one of these you should consider not just performance, but reliability, handling (in rain and snow), and gas mileage. Like the other integra owners said you can run the Honda engines as hard as you want and you won't have any problems. I have never spent a dime on repairs on my car.

However the 3rd Gen. RX-7's will beat an Type-R like nothing you better make sure you have a lot of money or know how to fix cars yourself.

27th Sep 2002, 21:22

Did they even know that you were racing them.

I have a Camaro with a 350 and minor mods running mid 11's

A integra, a Honda, yeah right!


27th Sep 2002, 21:29

You right a Camaro and a Mustang are not very good in the snow.

But they are not supposed to be. They are muscle cars, real sport cars.

16th Oct 2002, 13:01

I would like to say that even though the Integra Type R has less torque than a Mustang or Camaro, it is a far better car. Camaros and Mustangs are old technology, and are very very cheesy. The big three produce garbage year after year, and it amazes me how many people continue to waste money on those cars. If you have any brains, please don't buy a Ford, General Motors or Chrysler. Please!!!

21st Oct 2002, 17:25

I just recently bought a 98 Integra Type R with very low mileage (9,765 to be exact), and to tell you the truth, I have never made a better decision. I love this car, and I spank my friend's 4.6 V8 muscle piece of crap every day. Every week there is a problem with his car.

Another thing is that I never lost a race yet, and I'm just sporting an intake and exhaust. American muscle my ass. Handling, gas mileage, and the feeling of being in another world at 6,000+rpm, all in one package. TYPE R #319 championship white.

Danny (privileged Type R owner).

12th Nov 2002, 13:53

Keep in mind - this comes from someone who owned a 1972 Chevelle for ten years. It was my first car when I turned 16, and I cracked many a knuckle on the motor.

Mustangs and Camaros are to Integra Type R's what Kid Rock is to Mozart.

You will probably never see someone with a mullet who is married to their cousin driving an Integra Type R, nor will you see one parked outside of a trailer park.

Know what I'm sayin?


30th Nov 2002, 22:36

We see exactly what you are saying bro... It's a matter of taste. If you like big and lousy go for the mustangs and what not. If you want style, speed, performance, economy, reliability and price get your hands on Integra. The one thing is that, those owners of american "muscle" (limped) cars never tried an Integra. I was once a big fan of Camaro Z28. Now I am a proud owner of a 2000 Integra GS-R and let me tell you, this car has never let me down.

6th Dec 2002, 20:03

Andrea, an LS Integra?? I don't care what mods you have I will hand you you're a$$ simple as that. All of you think a Type-R is a god or something. And I'm sorry a stock Type-R will not take a stock mustang gt or camaro z28, that's just not going to happen. And this is coming from a import owner. And RX-7 guy, your comparing N/A cars to your FORCED INDUCTION car, for what you paid for you car I have put into my car and would blow the doors off of a stock twin turbo RX-7. Have a nice day.