3rd Apr 2003, 13:01

You can compare a Type R to an F1. Read an bit of this:

At a blaring 8400-rpm, the Acura Integra Type R's pistons are pedaling at about 80 feet per seconds much higher than the commonly accepted threshold of 67 feet per second. That's close to the piston speeds in Formula 1 and Indy-car engines, which have much shorter strokes than the undersquare Integra power plant.

When the Type R's tach hits 5700 rpm (or even less, depending on throttle position), the VTEC system switches over from Dr. Jekyll to Mr. Hyde with an audible blare, and the engine sets about scaling its 195-horsepower peak at 8000 rpm with alacrity. Yes, that's almost 200 hp from a 1797cc engine, but before you reach for that calculator, we can tell you that it works out to a specific output of 108.5 horses per liter. The fabulous Ferrari F355 produces just 107.3 horses per liter from its five-valve V-8.

It s also 25 ponies up on the already energetic GS-R engine, thanks to some careful twiddling back at Honda R&D by various motorsport veterans. First, they replaced the GS-R s twin-runners- per-cylinder intake manifold with a single wide-port version for higher gas velocities, then they dropped in higher-lift, longer-dwell camshafts and lighter, thin-stem valves. They also hand-polished the ports, a task that restricts production volumes, but speeds and smoothes airflow into and out of the engine.

They say the Type R is the closet car on the road to an F1. I love this car. We have a friend whose family is a Ford family. His dad has a Boss and his mom and his brother drives a Mustang GT. For some reason he was given a Civic. At first he was actually embarrased, but the more he drove it the more he became very impressed with it and when he saw the Type R, he fell in love. He knows so much about big engines and nothing about these 4 bangers and yet he has totally abandoned his family's Ford ways and is already planning things for his car. Shows what an open mind can do for some people.

14th May 2003, 10:45

I think we can all say that this is the SAME love, and SAME passion for cars in general. There is always going to be tension between the two separate generations, no matter what anyone says. Some love the sounds an engine makes, the raw horsepower, or the way it sucks you back in your seat. There are also the ones that just like a good cruise to show off there love, and take a stand for something. Most car enthusiasts will agree with all of the above, and what has been stated before, it really relies on your own personal preference, and what label you chose to slap on your forehead.

(unless you drive a geo,... then you really don't have a label I guess.)

9th Apr 2004, 12:25

OOH NASCAR, I hope your wife is not your sister.

15th Apr 2004, 10:35

I don't think I would ever spend 25k on something with only 1.8 ltrs.. you're not going to get a lot of bang for the buck if you start modding it.. most people who by ITRs are not looking to be a 10sec car.. but I can't deny they are quick little cars.. I just hate it when I race one and afterwards they make up excuses like.. I don't have a turbo or it's only 1.8 ltrs.. grow up.. that kind of excuses don't bring down your ET.. you knew the car was almost maxed out when you bought it..

Bottom line.. if you want an expensive 14 sec car and that's it.. buy an ITR.. and make sure you have excuses list ready.

11th Jun 2004, 15:23

They stopped making Camero's and Firebirds for a reason.

No one buys them anymore, they are outdated. It's funny how everyone argues about 1/4 mile times. What a waste of a car, going down a straight line as fast as you can, to go put the car back on the trailer after? I would rather have a reliable, light weight Import that I can actually daily drive and have some fun driving through the canyon's with. The same car that could perform a daily 13-14 sec 1/4, jump on a road course, and drive me back and forth from work without adjusting anything.

Price, weight, and availability of affordable aftermarket parts all come to mind as motivating factors when looking at the potential of a car. Dollar for Dollar I think an import will be faster, even if you have to switch the motors.

I bet I could build a full race import ready for road race duty at the price of a New stock Muscle car (Ford GT or Cobra). But I wouldn't even ask for a muscle car to get on a road course with me, for I would be afraid of getting hit.

19th Jun 2004, 00:34

You can make a big car like a Camaro of Trans Am handle almost (not quite) as good as a ITR. Need stiffer springs and shocks, and some sub frames... but its really not a big deal to get them to handle very well.

What IS a big deal is making a 4 cyl do low 13s or 12s or better. Your gonna need some serious work and some serious cash. On the other hand, v8s in the least can do high 13s stock, and getting them even into low 12s isn't a huge deal. Getting them into the 11s and 10s is a bigger deal, but still fairly easily attainable. You're not gonna see a Type R pulling out those kinda numbers.

19th Jun 2004, 02:11

Why do those V8's have to have so many liters? Why don't you muscle car owners compare your car to a Toyota Supra? Or an RX-7. If you spend thousands on your RX-7 to maintain it, you are an idiot. It is a good engine after you replace the gaskets and seals. Anyways, the Supra has a more comparable weight and engine size. However, I usually see the Supra matched up against the Viper, for some reason.

23rd Jul 2004, 17:05

I recently purchased an ITR. I got a good deal on it, used. It has average mileage, but since it's a honda I don't have to worry about it failing. That being said, for the price of a new Mustang V6, I purchased, modified, and tuned the ITR to run a 13.4 with a horrible 60 ft time. This is the ITR's only flaw, FWD. However on the highway, I pull modded C5's and STI's like no one's business. Handling has been somewhat sacrificed due to the traction problem, however it still handles like a dream. Plus I get way more looks and comments then any Mustang, save a Rousch or Saleen maybe. The best part? I can still get 30 mpg. It's all about what ya want and what ya know.

26th Jul 2004, 15:17

I'm currently thinking about purchasing a 2000 Type-R. I think there are way too many hard-headed people out there who just don't understand cars. If you are a true enthusiasts (import or domestic) you will understand that it's all about preference and that each one has their own potential.

Although I love imports more than domestics, I'm not going to bash on domestics for any reason. Imports have their potential and dometics have their potential. I just prefer imports over domestics.

A lot of cars that are being produced now days are fast, whether they are imports, domestics, sporty cars, family cars, etc.. Decide which car will fit your needs most and buy it. Don't listen to those hard headed people who thinks that their cars are better than all others. There are too many factors that come into play when it comes to cars.

Peace out...

Oh yeah, currently I own a 1990 Nissan 240sx with a 2.0L SR20DET motor with 239 hp and 250 torque to the wheel.

4th Dec 2004, 18:57

Domestics don't compare to Imports. Imports are more reliable, and have far more quality and superiority then Domestics. I know I won't be buying a Domestic again. And that's the bottom line.

4th Mar 2005, 03:16

Ridiculous, the speed limit in US is 65-70 mph. Coops are guarding it; discuss better speeding tickets evasion :) There is no need for mega high power, except traffic light starts. But hybrid is good and smart for high torque; High power is needed on a good asphalt road in Germany "no speed limit for a free country".

So, the handling in mountains is important, straight asphalt racing is meaningless. Mustang can drive well only with concrete blocks inside the trunk on the snow road in Ohio, because of really bad balance. It is a car, which was once was manufactured with 4 to 8 cylinders! More than twice difference in engine volume :) The ultimate performance tires can improve the handling, but why nobody on the mustang side discuss the tires (?) because the tires do not really matter for the straight drive on the dry road?

20th Sep 2005, 20:59

Bottom line... the Integra Type R... will be a collectors item...5000 were only made in the US!!!