1991 Acura Legend LS 200 h.p. from North America


A well made, comfortable and reliable car


ABS system failed at approximately 75,000 miles.

Brake system Master cylinder failed twice.

Air conditioning intermittently blows warm; dealer could not fix until I found an Acura Technical Service Bulletin (TSB) identifying the problem as a cracked circuit board under front passenger seat.

Driver window slowed to crawl, replaced once; now doing it again.

Door lock system buggy; will lock your keys inside with engine running.

Driver seat leather split on left bolster.

Transmission mounts failed twice and had to be replaced.

Motor mounts failed and had to be replaced.

Radiator failed at 115,000 miles.

General Comments:

Notwithstanding the mechanical problems described above, this has been a comfortable and reliable car.

It has plenty of torque, and performs very well for such a large car.

A very comfortable, and on balance, relatively inexpensive to keep.

Acura did offer "good will" assistance on some of the major repairs; the ABS system and master cylinder being two example.

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Review Date: 25th November, 2002

16th Dec 2004, 21:03

In order for your windows to not be sluggish on an older car, the seals on the window track need to be lubed occasionaly. Silicone spray has always worked for me. Get a can of it with an attachable tube on it and spray it into the window run channels where the window travels up and down. It won't leave residue on the windows. Good luck!

1991 Acura Legend L Series 3.2 liter V6 from North America




The master cylinder went out along with the pads and rotors on front and back.

Front left door window regulator replaced twice.

Transmission rebuilt at 120,000 miles.

Leather is starting wear badly.

General Comments:

The Legend is a very luxurious, comfortable, and kind of sporty car.

The only thing I hate about my Legend is that there are no performance after-market parts.

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Review Date: 18th January, 2002

1991 Acura Legend GS 1.8L from North America


Great car, good price!


Engine failure at 198,000 miles.

That's about it...

General Comments:

This car is very reliable, the only reason I think my engine gave out was because I drove this car very, very hard. I learned my lesson :)

This car has great steering, then again all Acuras do!

This car is a great family car, or sports car :)

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Review Date: 29th August, 2001

30th Aug 2001, 12:08

The only Acura Legend GS was made in 94 and 95!

1991 Acura Legend L 3.2 V6 from North America


Luxury and performance blended nicely


Brake master cylinder went out in Dec, 2000.

Left CV-joint went bad in Dec, 2000.

Hood and bumpers were repainted in 1995 and are now starting to fade badly.

General Comments:

It has very good acceleration even with the automatic. 0-60 is about 7 seconds.

It's very stable even at 120mph.

Very comfortable seats.

Roomy front seat and somewhat cramped rear.

Gets 20mpg city which is pretty good for a large V6-powered car.

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Review Date: 27th May, 2001

1991 Acura Legend LS 3.2 from North America


A very comfortable and reliable car


ABS system defective at 80K, had to be replaced.

Master cylinder defective at 80K, had to be replaced.

Driver's power window slowed to a crawl.

Front suspension wore out prematurely.

A/C blows warm air, dealer has not isolated the problem yet.

Driver's seat memory is buggy.

Power door locks/remote system is buggy.

General Comments:

This car is very comfortable.

The car always starts, in any weather, and is very reliable transportation.

Until about 80K, was economical to own; however even with noted problems it costs a fraction to operate compared to a German car.

Acura did provide assistance in out of warranty matters on occasion.

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Review Date: 20th April, 2001

11th Jul 2001, 19:52

Just curious since this was submitted in April 2001 if the individual ever had the air conditioning problem resolved. I am experiencing the exact same problems with my '91 Acura Legend and the dealer also can't figure out the cause. Any insight here would be really valued!

Thank you!

16th Jul 2001, 09:10

I have an Acura Legend with a little over 98000 miles and it gives me no trouble at all, even if it is getting up there in miles and years. The only thing is I hear noises from the catylictic converter that makes a clicking like sound. but this is only once in a while or so. Year is 1990.

26th Feb 2002, 18:04

Same situation here... the AC is blowing warm air - the dealer said that it is because of a major leak on one of the hoses - but they are not for sure yet... I as well hear ticks and clicks coming from the catalytic converter...

The driver's side power window went out - but fixed it easily... all I had to do is tighten the bolts that hold the motor and is now like new!...

Cigarette lighter has to be held till it pops, because if not, it pops all the way to the back seat!! But overall this is the greatest car I ever had :)

28th Feb 2002, 17:12

I had the same problem with the converter. Simple solution is to get the heat shield cut off. Or if you know someone that'll do it, cut the whole damn thing off, it's good for nothing but giving you less horse power anyways.

24th Jun 2005, 20:01

For the A/C problem see the other posts in this section... Seems replacing a cracked pc board under passenger seat cure it - ther's supposed to be a TSB on this.

22nd Nov 2005, 11:46

On the last comment. That is not true. I Own a 1991 Acura legend sedan and they are not hard to work on. about the only problem I have had with it is the Master Cylinder goes out from time to time. I've had it replaced and it was not even hard to get to so learn how to work on cars and it won't be hard.