1992 Acura Legend LS 3.2 from North America


A very luxurious car


I had to change the thermostat right away when I bought it.

The windows are very difficult to send up and down.

All the locks on the doors do not function properly.

The horn does not work and it is very difficult to figure out how to fix it.

The front wheel makes a lot of noise even though nothing is wrong with it.

The security is so extent that it makes me a little nervous at times.

General Comments:

The engine is very quiet.

It runs very smooth.

I love the interior and the leather seats give it that right look.

The features are very nice and exciting.

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Review Date: 20th December, 2001

1992 Acura Legend LS 3.0 V6 from North America


Piece of crap


79,000 - 99,000 miles: The Legend consumed 2 transmissions, 1 torque converter and one half shaft. 79,000 - 99,000 miles. Half of the above was under warrantee.

99,000 - 125,000 miles: Complete exhaust system converter back, radiator started leaking like a sieve - replaced, new transmission mounts. Valve tap so bad that it sounds worse than a old Mercedes Diesel. Replaced ABS sensors in the front after they started to engage intermittently.

125,000 - Both drive-shafts replaced, rear ABS sensors plus rear rotors. Head cracked. Done.

General Comments:

This car sucks.

Incompetent and often rude dealer service network.

Honda is good at making $15,000 disposable cars. Too bad the $35,000 ones are the same. I could have bought a BMW 540i and three years worth of gas for what I paid to keep this piece of crap on the road.

Don't buy an ACURA! - Trust me.

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Review Date: 18th December, 2001

21st May 2003, 20:47

Acura is a very good car company, even though Honda makes Acura they are still very better than Honda's. You just got a lemon it happens, so don't diss good ol Acura.

26th Jun 2003, 10:18

We have two acura legends. Years 91 and a 92. They run great, never have had a problem, and even better have over 300,000 miles on each. I would reccomend this car to anyone.

3rd May 2004, 22:45

If you know anything about cars, Which it doesn't seem like you do, then you would know that going through that many half-shafts (axles, CV joints) what ever you want to call them that you or the previous owner obviously beat the hell out of this car. I would say that because most of the stuff was replaced within the first 20,000 miles that it was the previous owner. Also as for the power, I would have to disagree. 200 horses in this light puppy makes it zoom. It also sounds like someone ponded it off to you to get ride of it. I'm guessing that they probably put some gasket sealer through the antifreeze to seal the sometimes common head gasket leak. Which lead to poor fuel economy, the engine tap (antifreeze in your oil) and the radiator leak. Antifreeze has a small electrical charge running through it. It's called electrolysis and oil in the antifreeze (head gasket leak) can mess that up, causing premature breakdown of the antifreeze and ultimately leading to more problems. What ever the gas good luck with the vehicle. I would try running a compression test on the cylinder heads to see if this is happening. I'm sure this vehicle should get you over 220,000 miles. I've seen it numerous times. Either way good luck.

30th Jul 2004, 05:22

I've never heard a negative story on the Legend. They'll hit the 220k mark and up easily.

Drove my dad's 94 through high school, honestly, I didn't drive it like a Sunday driver, though I had great respect for the car and wouldn't abuse it and spent hours detailing it for the chance to have it on the weekend. It's still going strong after 11 years with 250k miles on original AUTO-Tranny!!!

1992 Acura Legend LS Sedan 3.4 L V6 from North America


Fabulous used car


Radiator top tank cracked.

Power windows on the passenger side.

Transmission slightly slow to engage.

General Comments:

A wonderfully comfortable and enjoyable near luxury car. This car looks almost new. I have equipped it with aftermarket 17 inch wheels and performance tires which causes a noticeable increase in interior noise, but is worth it for the improved handling.

This car feels like it will run forever.

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Review Date: 18th April, 2001