1994 Acura Legend from North America


Pure luxury for an affordable price


Speedometer sensor.

General Comments:

I purchased this Legend as a cheap, reliable, used car, because I had an Acura before a few years ago, and have always been impressed with them.

I've been driving the Legend for a couple months now, and this Acura drives so smooth for a car that's almost 18 years old. This car can definitely go for at least another 5 years. Pure luxury all around, very fast and nimble.

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Review Date: 3rd December, 2011

1994 Acura Legend LX from North America


Nice ride


Master cylinder at 130,000.

Transmission at 210,000.

Fake overheating due to sticky thermostat and random water pump leaking/low water level.

Antenna freezing strips retracting gears.

Plugged drains on sunroof led to hilarious dump of water down backs when I hit the brakes.

General Comments:

I want another one!

I have tried to replace this car when the transmission went out, and could not find anything newer that I love as much except for a BMW (too much funky status statements and repairs). In the end I ignored my mechanics advice and fixed it. When the engine goes, I will bury it. It won't be worth a $5,000 repair with 300K on it.

These cars have an amazing drive. Just rough enough to feel the road, but able to creep up to 90mph without noticing (and only cost $5000 used). Better yet, they keep amazing control while dodging between reckless oncoming cars with only inches to spare, and go from 25mph to instantly and safely passing not only the RV, but all the cars that are too hesitant to try... all without the slightest adrenaline rush. There always seems to be one more trick available, if needed. Long distance coastal driving every week made this a much safer car than the Jetta.

It is comfortable even after so much use. Whoever owned it before me weighed a lot, and the seat is still holding up well. Everything is easy to reach, use, figure out. The style is attractive even after so many years.

The down side? The leather is cheap.

The gas mileage is not great even when I drive like an old lady (most of the time, despite the first part of review).

Repairs are expensive.

The Bose stereos are fussy and useless when any one part goes out. Once the antenna ices up, it is shot.

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Review Date: 14th December, 2010

1994 Acura Legend LS Gold Version V6 from North America


Diamond in the rough


Seat belts are starting to malfunction at 200,000.

Engine is burning a small amount of oil at 200,000.

Radio stopped working at 200,000.

General Comments:

This car is seriously the best car I've ever owned and has been reliable -- very reliable.

Many people I take a ride in the car say it is quieter/smoother than their luxury car of today.

Radio/Bose system is pure bliss.

Both driver/passenger side have heated seats.

This car has been driven quite heavily, and has required minimal repairs if at all. The only services I've been doing are OIL CHANGES.

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Review Date: 28th March, 2010

1994 Acura Legend GS 3.2L Type II from North America


Best Acura I've driven, and I've now owned two Legends!


So far, nothing has gone wrong with it. The car is solidly built and as a previous Legend and Honda owner, I can appreciate the engineering that went into this car.

General Comments:

I have owned Hondas that had 370K-plus miles on them, and with regular maintenance, they just kept running. This Acura is made even better, and I like it enough that I expect that I will keep this car until it falls apart, maybe 10 or more years from now!

The GS model is surprisingly quick and feels like a smaller sports car. It never lacks power for any kind of passing or merging into traffic. With firmer tires, this car handles windy mountain roads like it's on rails! And the ride is very comfortable and luxurious.

The traction control works well.

The Bose sound system is not as impressive as the rest of the car though. Fortunately, the opening is a full 2-DIN high, so a newer GPS/touch screen radio fits perfectly and looks factory. Would like the rear seats to fold down and open to the trunk for larger items (skis).

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Review Date: 14th May, 2008