1994 Acura Legend GS 3.2 from North America


There is no better 4 door sedan built in the last decade that compares without spending $45K or more


The most common problem: the plastic radiator. This caused the engine to fail at 195,000 miles...however, I ordered a used engine that had been shipped over from Japan, where the longest car life is 50,000 miles (cars are a luxury and a big status symbol over there, so those who have cars upgrade often.) The new engine runs very nicely... and of course I replaced the radiator with an after-market metal one.

General Comments:

The car is designed better than most cars, both inside and out. The exterior styling makes people think this car is a 2000 or newer, when it is over a decade old. The interior has been built solidly, and with form and function for the occupants in mind. I will have a very difficult time replacing the look and feel of this car without spending 45K plus on a sport sedan (BMW M5?). So I'll continue driving this... maybe forever?

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Review Date: 16th November, 2005

20th Nov 2005, 20:33

A plastic radiator that caused the engine to fail? Sounds like either a bad design or poor maintenance.

27th Nov 2005, 17:10

The radiator problem is very common. The plastic radiator develops leaks which allow coolant to escape and air to enter the system. Because this is an all aluminum engine, it doesn't take well to excess heat and it warps (which casues a head gasket failure). This engine seems to be particularly prone to this, so bad design is likely the culprit.

1994 Acura Legend GS 3.2L V6 Type II from North America


Elegant, classic design with fantastic performance


Bose amplifier failed at 100,000 miles.

Driver's side front strut began leaking at 103,000 miles.

Radiator began leaking at 105,000 miles.

Rear transmission mount failed prior to my ownership (it is still broken).

Ignition switch failed at 115,000 miles (rendered car inoperable).

Main relay failed at 129,000 miles (rendered car inoperable).

General Comments:

This car is a head turner. This is the most beautifully designed sedan I've ever seen. Acura has failed to match the 91-95 Legend's beauty with its succeeding models. The interior is gorgeous with real burl wood, nice leather, and a sleek overall look.

The engine is relatively smooth, but I have never driven a Legend whose automatic transmission does not shift a bit harsh. It handles well and feels quite stately (much like a BMW 5-series).

It features things that many new cars don't have such as an electronic tilt/telescoping steering wheel with radio controls on it, heated seats, and traction control.

The seats are comfortable, the rear cabin space is ample, and the vehicle can be used for long trips with little discomfort.

A forewarning to prospective Legend buyers: I have heard numerous accounts of cooling system problems with these cars (all of the 91-95 Legends). The plastic radiators crack letting air into the system. When this happens, the engine can overheat and the head gaskets can fail easily. This is a very common issue with these cars. I have been fortunate not to have this issue (cross my fingers). I recommend an engine compression test prior to purchasing one.

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Review Date: 29th July, 2005

1994 Acura Legend GS 3.2 type 2 from North America


The last car I want to own


My master switch went bad at 125000.

My door actuator has gone bad as well.

General Comments:

The car has been a dream.

Very reliable car.

Excellent at speeds over 100mph.

Very smooth ride at high speeds.

The car was before its time.

I would love to see a 2005 special edition Acura Legend GS.

If you are looking for a reliable used car, the Acura Legend is the one for you.

Only put 93 gas in the vehicle. 89 gas and lower make the ride sluggish.

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Review Date: 21st May, 2004

1994 Acura Legend LS 3.2 from North America


It's built the way a car should be built


I am having the A/C compressor replaced, and the paint on the trunk is beginning to fade due to neglect, but so far I have had no problems.

General Comments:

I just got this car. Some people thought I was crazy for buying car with so many miles on it, but it was only $4000 and I fell in love with the 88 Legend that my parents had when I was younger. I know that this car will run well for a long time.

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Review Date: 8th August, 2003