1995 Acura Legend 3.6 from North America


Drive it another ten years!


Driver's side front turn signal went out.

Check engine light went on due to dirt on throttle.

Passengers side heated mirror went out.

Front valance sags.

ABS brake system went out and cost almost two grand to fix, but worth it as this safety feature has kept me from at least two accidents in rainy weather.

General Comments:

This car is quick and comfortable and has a sewing machine like smoothness. Expexct horrific gas mileage as low as 14-17 in town, low twenties on road.

Quiet, dependable and understated I feel like a Clark Kent that changes to Superman with a push of the gas pedal.

The Bose stereo system even awes new BMW owners.

Great resale value.

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Review Date: 15th June, 2007

1995 Acura Legend GS 3.2 from North America


Great luxury car with plenty of options


My air conditioner is leaking and will be 1100 to repair.

My rear passenger rotor had to be replaced when I bought it because it was pretty scratched up.

It also rusts at the wheel wells, which is pretty common in most cars.

General Comments:

I've got the 6 speed manual one and it's a real nice luxury car, just take good care of it and it'll last you forever. I bought it from my uncle and he loved it too.

Everything is electronically controlled, which is really nice, and the heated seats really help with the Minnesota winters.

I would love to restore this car back to its original condition once I graduate college, and use it for the rest of my life.

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Review Date: 13th August, 2006

1995 Acura Legend LS Type II - 6 speed from North America


Fun car to drive, 250-270 horsepower would've been nice


I often hear a rattling noise while the engine is running, most noticeably when I turn the engine off. Unfortunately I haven't been able to solve the problem, neither has the dealer. The only suggestion I have been given is to swap motor & transmission.

General Comments:

This car is quick, ready to propel itself in action.

Outside noise is heard, probably more than you would like to hear.

This vehicle, surprisingly, is able to keep up with today's vehicles.

I wish Acura would release a retro limited version of this model!!

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Review Date: 3rd May, 2005

29th Jun 2005, 11:05

A retro limited version of this car would be amazing! The Legend has always been the one of the most reliable luxury cars combining wonderful amenities with raw power, which is delightfully surprising when you step on the gas. I have an old '90 Legend Sedan. The inside is been utterly annihilated by its previous owners, and the clear-coat is peeling off everywhere, but the thing has 248,000 miles on it and still kicks. When they changed body and engine in 91 they put an entirely new face on the car. It is exquisite, there aren't words. If Acura put out a limited version of that car I think I would weep.. and then purchase one :).

31st Mar 2009, 09:56

Retro limited edition would be great, just fix the notorious BHG (blown head gasket) issues and maybe better cupholders and a few JDM (japanese domestic market) parts and navigation, and there would be a stronghold of buyers.

1995 Acura Legend LS Coupe 3.2 V6 Type II from North America


The best luxury-performance car ever


The car needed a right-side outer CV boot replaced at the time of purchase. The only other repairs have been maintenance items (tires, brake pads, timing belt/water pump).

General Comments:

If nobody is perfect, this car must be nobody.

This is by far the most exceptional vehicle I have ever owned, and I have had many.

The Legend Type II engine is nothing short of amazing. It's 230 horsepower makes it more than capable of passing almost every other car out there.

Even with it's great power, it is still great on gas mileage- 28 mpg highway average.

The car handles like a true sports car and sticks to the pavement no matter how sharp the turns.

The styling is aggressive and timeless. With the midnight black pearl paint and spoiler, it is very eye-catching and I am always complimented on the car's appearance.

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Review Date: 18th August, 2004

15th Apr 2005, 00:31

This was a insightful review (Legend Coupe). I did not know that Acura had upped the horsepower to 230. I own a 1991 Legend LS Sedan and still drive it, though I have added a 2005 Lexus RX to my stable. The Legend was and is, the finest car Acura has ever made. Ask any car dealer and they will tell you the same.

It might be fun to buy one of these babies -- if you could find one -- and enjoy a long weekend tooling down the asphalt.

This is indeed a timeless car, of beautiful design. A car with great heart. Something that the new RL sadly lacks, some ten years after Acura foolishly put the Legend out to pasture.

11th Apr 2007, 06:21

If you could find one? As it turns out, I happen to have a 1995 Acura Legend LS Coupe, Black on Black, with only 76,100+ miles. The car has a spoiler, Bose/Alpine Premium 6-Disk Sound System (Trunk Mounted), Premium Wheels, Tinted Glass, Heated Seats/Mirrors, Memory Seats/Steering, 4 new Michelin's (XGTV4), Type II Engine (230 hp), AWESOME body and paint (all original with no door dings, chips, etc.) and EVERYTHING works perfectly.

If a person were interested in purchasing this vehicle, I am considering selling. I will be retiring in 3 years and have not made the decision as to whether I want to take 3 vehicles into retirement with me.

If anyone is interested, you may contact me (Jim Lane) at DrSWAT@cox.net and I would be happy to make arrangements to send several pictures of the car. Please be aware, I will NOT "give it away". The car is as close to perfect as you'll find and not cheap.