1995 Acura Legend LS 3.2L from North America


A Japanese Gem


Condenser relay went out at 100,000 miles.

Glove box dampener out when I purchased vehicle at 87,000 miles.

Leather seats starting to wear badly.

General Comments:

The lack of cup-holders has been a challenge as well as finding any after-market performance parts. We have resorted to making our own parts, ie: cold air intake, and modifying the stock exhaust.

Overall, this car has been a dream to own and will easily take on another 100,000 miles before an overhaul. The new CL, RL and TL don't compare to the classic design of the Legend.

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Review Date: 3rd July, 2002

1995 Acura Legend GS Sedan 3.2L V6 230hp from North America


Get one if you can!


When I bought the car, the air vent on the passenger side was broken and needed to be fixed.

Another thing that was fixed by the dealer was the drivers side automatic door lock button. About a week afterwards, it quit working again. The dealer checked it again and concluded that it needed a new switch which was wearing out.

Also, after an early 75K mile service including a 4-wheel alignment, tire rotation, and air pressure checks, the steering wheel still pulls slightly to the right.

General Comments:

Overall, I absolutely love the car. It is a dream come true compared to my old 1975 Buick LeSabre. I love all the luxury touches including the heated leather seats, steering wheel mounted audio controls, traction control system, memory seats, and the Bose stereo system with the 6 disc changer. The only option missing is fog lights.

Even though the car is six years old, the design and architecture looks like it's brand new. I love the aggressive stance with the standard 5-spoke wheels and 16 inch V-rated tires on the GS models, although they are a bit noisier on the road than I would have expected. It also looks very elegant in black with a spoiler.

All in all, this car is a sweet deal as it backs up all these luxury appointments with the performance of a beasty engine that has 230hp!!!

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Review Date: 8th August, 2001

9th Oct 2004, 09:29

Compared to your 1975 Buick LeSabre every car is going to be a dream car..!

1995 Acura Legend LS Coupe 3.2 liter from North America


A great car, but I wish it had fewer problems and Acura service were better


All the following problems occurred between 26000 and 100000 miles. I had a 100K warranty so almost all work was covered.

The speed sensor became faulty. It was replaced under warranty.

Driver's side seat heater stopped working. Replaced under warranty.

Passenger side inside door handle wouldn't work, because the inner cable broke. Replaced under warranty.

Radiator top tank had a leak. Fixed under warranty.

Automatic climate control unit was faulty. Replaced under warranty.

Rear Speakers/grill rattled. Fixed/replaced twice.

Glove box dampener mechanism broke several times. Fixed under warranty.

Alarm actuator within door locks went faulty several times. Replaced/fixed under warranty.

Rear windows' seals came loose. Dealer re-glued, but they came loose again and again. Dealer would not resolve the source of the problem.

Rear suspension is very noisy. Squeaks anytime I go over speed bumps or whenever the car moves over any uneven road surface. Dealer mis-diagnosed the problem. Said that a shock was leaking. Replaced shocks and springs. Shock was not leaking. Still very noisy.

General Comments:

When I bought this car, I thought that it was the greatest car of all time. I still love this car. I love the way it handles, the way it looks, all the features, and the power. But I have had so many problems with it. Thankfully they were fixed under warranty, but this latest problem has me pulling my hair out.

I have had this problem since about 90000 miles. The suspension or something squeaks loudly every time the car bounces. Sometimes even the smallest bounce is noisy. The dealer mis-diagnosed the problem and said that the shocks needed to be replaced. I replaced both shocks and springs, and it still squeaks whenever the car bounces. It is really annoying. The car is in another shop right now trying to locate the problem. I hope they find it. I can't enjoy the car if it's squeaking all the time.

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Review Date: 25th June, 2001

18th Aug 2001, 20:50

I had a 94 integra which also had a problem with sqeaks when the car bounced. I once had read in Popular Science/Mechanics something about this. I never looked into it however. My aggravation is with my radiator, twice I've had it replaced and it continues to have pin hole leaks on the top. The amount of fluid loss in minimal, so the car has never overheated.